The Airbus Helicopters Training & Flight Ops mission is to design and provide innovative training solutions to support our customers, which is key to enhancing operational safety. Efficient helicopter operations are directly linked to the proficiency of pilots, flight crew and technicians, as well as their ability to safely operate and maintain rotorcraft during a full range of conditions and missions.


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Top-notch instructors. The learning experience was very enjoyable and valuable.


Pilot trainee, Starlite Aviation – H215

The instructor was very experienced and helpful during the course.                                    


Technician trainee, Bond Offshore Helicopters – H225

The learning atmosphere was very positive and instructors were highly professional pilots.


Pilot trainee, Finnish Border Guard – AS332

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Light training device


This highly capable training tool can be used to practise on autopilot and the flight display system – with different autopilot modes, autopilot protections, loss of sensors and reconfiguration. 

Helionix trainer

Helionix trainer

 This trainer enables a smooth transition from theory to practise for both pilots and technicians on all Helionix-equipped aircraft. It includes a troubleshooting simulator and interactive procedure trainer.



 These operational tools, used in training scenarios, help prepare for real tasks during future operations. They include: PC2 DLE, Performance, Weight & Balance, and eFML.

Part task trainer


 The part-task trainer focuses on proper use of a helicopter’s flight management system, allowing pilots to practice navigation, flight planning and related other related activities.

Aircraft system emulator


Emulators are light and portable solutions to get familiarised with specific systems of the aircraft – including the flight display system, vehicle and engine monitoring display, normal and emergency operations, and more. 

Full-flight simulators

Full-flight simulators


Many of Airbus Helicopters’ training centres around the world are equipped with state-of-the art full-flight simulators or flight training devices, ensuring most realistic mission environment without compromising safety for all trainees.


Our training tools

Full-size mock-ups

Full-size mock-ups


To ensure the right balance between theoretical and practical instruction, Airbus training centres are equipped with full-size mock-ups – which can replace real aircraft during technician Type Rating training – located inside well-equipped hangars. 

Virtual maintenance



These trainers combine the benefits of a virtual environment and a real aircraft. The Comploc app enables the location of key components in a realistic virtual helicopter, while the Sim app allows users to practise procedural maintenance tasks. 


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