In the aerospace industry, connectivity means faster access to critical information, leading to better decision-making and outcomes. At Airbus, we work to better connect our passengers and aircraft to the digital world, whether on the ground, in the air or anywhere around the world.


Building faster access to critical information

Airbus builds comprehensive future technology capabilities to deliver uninterrupted connectivity that is interoperable between aircraft, helicopters, drones, future electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOLs) vehicles, satellites, command centres and mobile units deployed on the ground or at sea. Our objective is to offer seamless in-flight connectivity that is comparable to mobile phone connectivity available on the ground – even when switching from one network to another, from 4G to Wi-Fi, or from country to country – without compromising the aviation industry's high standards in reliability and cybersecurity. In doing so, we can enhance the in-flight passenger experience through ubiquitous "always on" connectivity.

Our connectivity projects


Reliable Connected Fleet

This programme aims to revolutionise connectivity architecture by combining dependable and secure communications with superior service quality.


Airbus UpNext TELEO

This programme aims to provide seamless smart routing in satellite constellations (LEO and GEO). Airbus UpNext TELEO also will boost ground-to-space communication data rates thanks to ultra-high throughput optical links.

Airbus Connected Experience

This on-board IoT aircraft platform will link interconnected core cabin components – such as galleys, meal trolleys, seats and overhead bins – to enable data exchange in real time throughout the cabin for the crew.


Unified Airbus Network Solution

This solution provides scalable data and networking technologies, from airline to satellite, to help reduce airlines' operating costs.


System-on-Chip Avionics

This avionics computing solution offers integration based on safety-critical multi-core processors combined with a new generation of avionics communications.


Wireless Sensor Network

This resilient, standardised wireless sensor network helps to reduce cabling and increase number of sensors to be deployed.


Satellites connection for people all over the globe

Discover Connected & Autonomous at Airbus


Autonomous flight

Towards a world of more autonomous air travel


Unmanned Traffic Management

Incorporating autonomy into today’s airspace


Unmanned Aerial Systems

Pioneering the future of UAS capabilities