A crisis is usually a natural or man-made disaster, an industrial accident, a confrontation or an act of malevolence. We address them all at Airbus.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, forest fires, hurricanes or volcanic eruptions, as well as man-made disasters regularly cause significant adversities for the population and damage to infrastructures and the environment.

Also, no matter the precautions taken, industrial accidents can never be fully prevented. And confrontations or acts of malevolence are basically constant in our world.  Thus improving anticipation and reactivity to mitigate the impact of disasters is crucial for all actors in the crisis management and disaster response domain.

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An effective crisis management is always a collaborative effort at governmental, community and private levels. A high degree of coordinated collaboration between all actors needs to cover all stages of the crisis management cycle - from effective prevention and preparation through reliable detection, evaluation and rapid response through to the recovery and learning phase.


Capitalising on longstanding experience, Airbus helps civil protection and emergency services by delivering advanced solutions both in communications and geo-information systems through the entire crisis situation. Our solid assets and services are customised based on the user’s needs, while remaining scalable and adaptable.

                    Our Assets and Solutions for Crisis Management

C295 Crisis Management

Versatile and Efficient Tactical Aircrafts

The C295 is ideal for any kind of crisis and humanitarian mission. Robust, solid, rugged, and with outstanding low-level flight and short take-off and landing distance from unprepared rough, soft and short airstrips.


Mobile Assets

Helicopters can reach any disaster scene three to five times faster than ground vehicles, thus they are an ideal asset to transport rescue teams and equipment as well as providing emergency medical services.

Satellite imagery - natural disaster

Airbus Constellation

Our proprietary satellite imagery and geospatial analytics support actors in the crisis management domain with a precise and remote view of any emergency event - be they natural or man-made disasters.

Teleport of antennas copyright Airbus

Secure Communication Solutions

To support crisis management teams we deliver the most comprehensive satellite communications bandwidth and the best-in-class capabilities for network services and solutions, including network operations, in-field support services and training.

Crisis Management - A military man with a walkie-talkie

Mission Critical Communication

Robust and resilient communication capabilities are key in an emergency situation for all public safety resources. Our Secure Land Communication services ensure the quality of communications, coverage and speed of the network.

Crisis Management - Mobile Hospitals

Mobile Hospitals

To quickly respond to crisis situations, Airbus provides mobile hospital solutions that are transportable, modular and rapidly deployable, while providing full functionality to ensure the best medical care quickly.

Crisis Management - Airbus Cybersecurity

Cyber Security Systems

Airbus CyberSecurity provides a range of products and services that ensures that networks are protected, potential threats are anticipated and incidents managed rapidly and effectively.

Airbus Foundation - Partnering with the humanitarian community

Airbus Foundation - Crisis Management - A380 aircraft Emirates

Through the Airbus Foundation we support the work of disaster relief and emergency responders by bringing together the products and people of our global aerospace company. The foundation supports international organisations and local teams as they work against the clock to manage catastrophes by putting our fleet of aircraft and helicopters and their crews at the disposal of the organisations as well as by providing helpful satellite images of the disaster sites.


See how Airbus satellite imagery supports the crisis management following an:

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Preventing, Detecting and Responding


Critical infrastructure

A unique global security solution by Airbus serving Critical Infrastructure Protection

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