Thanks to advances in helicopter technology, more data is being collected from each flight and maintenance procedure than ever before. This data has enormous potential to change the way operators support and maintain their helicopter fleet.

Airbus Helicopters offers a range of connected services solutions that help customers collect and make sense of their data. Benefits range from a better understanding of day-to-day operations, to predicting what unplanned maintenance events might happen months from now. When data supports decision making, the result is more time flying, in the safest conditions, and cost-effectively.

A connected ecosystem

Airbus Helicopters' connected services enable operators to:

Digitise their daily operations through a full digital chain. This brings greater accuracy and traceability and provides a wealth of data with which Airbus can perform analytics and develop predictive maintenance algorithms.

Collect and connect this data to a global database, which is searchable and accessible at all times,available anytime, and where Airbus can provide analytics services. Today more than 1,000 helicopters are connected and sharing their data with Airbus. By 2025, Airbus aims to have 3,000 helicopters connected, a number that represents a significant portion of its modern fleet.

Make sense of this data with analytics. Sometimes the simplest analytics can provide great value, while more sophisticated algorithms are already in use with predictive maintenance programmes such as FlyScan. The more helicopters connected, the richer the database becomes and the smarter and more precise the analytics.

Connected Services infographic

HCare Store services

Airbus' Connected Services leverage operational in-service and maintenance data to optimise existing services and to improve profitability and mission performance.

The smart interpretation of maintenance data can reduce costs and improve processes, such as on-time spare parts delivery, maintenance and logistics optimisation, and rotorcraft availability.

Discover some examples of connectivity solutions, applications and software that can support the digitisation of your operations. 

These services help operators easily access and visualise their fleet data, creating the foundation for a detailed analysis of their flight activity while simplifying operations, ensuring traceability, accuracy and time efficiency.

Connectivity Services - wACS services

Easily record and quickly transfer helicopter flight data to the ground, with the wireless Airborne Communications System (wACS) connectivity service.

Connectivity Services - D-Box services

Mobile device service that enables easy helicopter data transfer via Wi-Fi to Airbus Helicopters or other authorised end-points 


The Airbus Helicopters Flight Performance application computes all aspects of flight manual’s performance figures in one, single mobile application. This iOS stand-alone application can be uploaded from the AppStore according to operator needs.
The Airbus Helicopters Weight & Balance application allows customers to ensure that safe operational limits are respected by computing the weight and balance of an aircraft, taking into account the specific mission profile, payload and optional equipment on the helicopter. This iOS stand-alone application can also be uploaded from the AppStore according to operator needs

These two applications are pre-loaded with OEM data sources, maximising the reliability of the related calculations.

To provide the highest level of support for customers’ maintenance operations, Airbus offers a comprehensive, modular and trusted software tool called Envision.

This leading digital maintenance information system (MIS), developed by Veryon's aviation experts, allows customers to seamlessly manage all maintenance, logistics and airworthiness data using a single solution.

Envision delivers a complete range of capabilities – leveraging modules for managing configurations and resources, materials, finances and other key elements – and has the flexibility needed to meet changing internal customer requirements, while also responding to external market forces.

Available via client server or in a cloud-based system, Envision is particularly adapted to customers operating large, mixed fleets.

Visit the Veryon website

FleetMaster is a light maintenance information system enabling operators to manage their aircraft from anywhere in the world.

The software is based on the industry-leading software, ENVISION and is more particularly tailored to the needs of operators of small and medium-sized fleets.

FleetMaster grants access to all OEM data, tools and insights required to efficiently run daily operations. It allows airworthiness, maintenance and logistics activities management.

It offers a user-friendly interface to optimise customers’ experience.

All data recorded are stored on a secured cloud, for an instant data sharing within the related company.

Visit the Veryon website

New-generation helicopters increasingly rely on software, such as that embedded in the new Helionix® digital avionics suite designed by Airbus and launched on the H175, H160, H145 and H135.

Airbus’ system and software service comprises:

Software technical support: Establishing technical means and resources to support state-of-the-art software-rich helicopters.

Software content support: Periodic development of new Helionix® software versions (known as “maintenance releases”) derived from the latest production standards and upgrades of actual versions.

Software distribution and loading: Worldwide delivery and self-loading of software maintenance releases to customers through various channels, depending on customer requirements.

System and software configuration management: Management of software versions for all configurable equipment.

Dedicated help desk: Available to support in-service fleets:


Flight Analyser is an analytics service that supports operational safety by analysing aircraft data post-flight, to identify risks occurred during the flight.

The software analyses the data generated by a number of on-board sources as installed on the aircraft (such as ISEI Helicom system, Appareo Vision 1,000 flight data recorder, Outerlink IRIS data recorder), to automatically detect situations that could have been safer or could have potentially led to an incident or accident. 

The system augments this data with weather data and environmental context, such as sky coverage and obstacles present at the time of the potential event, to provide the user with the most complete picture possible.

It also performs a confidence check for each event, assessing the reliability of the data.

Flight Analyser users are given access to dashboards that are updated post-flight. The output can be used by an organisation’s safety management system to support future decision-making.

The service is available for  H135, H145, H160, H175 operators and can be accessed via the customer’s personal space on Airbus’ collaborative platform AirbusWorld.

Fleet Monitoring is an analytics service based on Usage Monitoring System (UMS) data generated by the helicopter, assisting Airworthiness officers in their daily activities.

• Up to date fleet airworthiness status

• Visualisation and modification of flight sessions

information details (Counters & Cycles, Engines Power

Checks, Events)

• Integrated data quality & consistency checks

• Management of flight sessions qualification state

(disqualify, standby, validate)

• Export of validated sessions to Maintenance

Information System (MIS) via API

The service is available for H135, H145, H160 operators and can be accessed via the customer’s personal space on Airbus’ collaborative platform AirbusWorld.

AirbusWorld is a dedicated collaborative platform to get customers connected with Airbus Helicopters for their day-to-day operations through smart functions, such as spare parts ordering, warranty claims, repair and overhaul orders, technical publications and more.

AirbusWorld also offers a single interface for application downloads and services subscriptions.

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Harnessing the power of data-driven intelligence

As a leader in digital transformation, Airbus enables military customers to unlock the power of big data analytics for improved operational readiness.


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