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For a weather-independent data source, high-frequency revisits, very-high-resolution imagery or even all of the above in a single system – we can provide the right Earth observation satellite for every customer.

Our innovative off-the-shelf solutions and highly efficient production processes enable a record-time delivery of highly sophisticated and flight-proven satellites. What’s more – we also have a substantial expertise in ground segment infrastructure, technology and operations as well as data management and imagery exploitation. We are also leading the way in High-Altitude Platform Station, or HAPS, with our Zephyr platform.

No. 1 supplier

to European institutions

30 years

of in-orbit time since 1986

Zero in-orbit failures

Prime contractor

for over 70 earth observation satellites

More than thirty years of successful Earth observation

Since the launch of its first Earth observation satellite in 1986, Airbus Defence and Space has successfully built and delivered almost 50 Earth observation satellite systems, accumulating over 680 years of in-orbit experience. Not a single one of these missions has ever failed in orbit.

Today, many of our satellites are in operation well beyond their originally scheduled lifetime.

At the same time, over 30 new satellites as well as numerous payloads for customers around the globe are currently in development in our facilities.

Airbus Defence and Space is a proud and key supplier of the European Space Agency, which has turned to us for the delivery of some of their most challenging space missions, including the upcoming BIOMASS mission, which addresses the status and dynamics of the Earth’s forests.

                                                            Our global expertise


Climate missions

From short-term weather predictions to long-term global climate monitoring, today, Earth observation satellites are at the forefront of monitoring the planet. At Airbus, we not only build many of these satellites but transform geospatial data into actionable insight to help fight climate change.


Earth observation satellites portfolio

Deliverable in absolute record time, our leading-edge systems are designed as off-the-shelf products that can be individually customised to comply with specific customer requirements.


Satellite imagery

With exclusive access to a unique constellation of radar and optical satellites, Airbus Defence and Space supplies a comprehensive portfolio of data and related services.

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A very-high-resolution Earth observation system built for the government and Space Agency of Peru, PerúSAT-1 is the first of its kind operated by the country. The satellite programme provides imagery for both civil and military applications.



Airbus Defence and Space developed the SSOT Earth observation satellite for the Chilean Air Force (FACh), in order to access high-quality satellite imagery. In Chile, the spacecraft is commonly known as "FASat-Charlie." It was launched on 16 December 2011



VNREDSat-1 is Vietnam’s first remote sensing satellite providing high-resolution imagery to serve social and economic development purposes, as well as environmental protection and natural disaster monitoring.