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  • Cities and societies are becoming more complex and connected.
  • The amount of security challenges continue to grow.
  • Security threats are getting more sophisticated.

To deal with these threats, Public Safety organizations need to be more efficient and have a better view of incidents. This helps manage emergency situations, as well as identify and prevent crimes. Public Safety organizations need modern communication and collaboration solutions. These provide the right information, to the right people, at the right time – securely and efficiently. Fast access to trusted data means police officers can make the right decisions quickly and act faster – making citizens, societies and infrastructures more secure.

Medical and healthcare professionals know that every shift is full of situations where proper communication is required. Reliable, accurate communication is at the core of operations – it really can make a difference. When people can communicate effectively, they will know what to do.

Improving your operations with better situational awareness

During a crisis, when a group of people need to work together, the main brake on efficiency is the lack of a common view of the situation. How is the situation evolving? Which intervention methods are the most effective? How to share the right data to the right people efficiently? Advanced solutions that provide a shared assessment of the situation, allow police organizations to be ready to cope with any situation – ensuring efficient action and safety of citizens.

Imagine an incident involving fire at a football match. A situation that could have serious consequences. Thanks to modern c, hybrid communication solutions and smart apps, authorities can get a full situational picture. Via live video feed, the field commander can a view of the spectators and on the traffic situation near stadium entrances. The field commander can even monitor the physical condition of the team: their heart rate and oxygen levels, for example.

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Communications are your critical lifeline in any situation and connected intelligence gives you better situational awareness

Scenario video: how to search and identify suspected troublemaker:

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Smartphones in professional operations

Agnet. The Agnet push-to-talk app can connect teams seamlessly whether the members are carrying a TETRA/Tetrapol radio or a smartphone – or even an analogue radio or a smartphone.

Adopt Agnet smartphone app and your smartphone-carrying staff can communicate in their existing PMR groups (TETRA or Tetrapol) so adopting smartphones will not mean you have to change existing processes and systems.


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Better Cooperation

This video shows how first responders – fire and rescue, paramedics and police - can work together better than ever before. They use secure group calls, video sharing and location information. All this gives them better situational awareness. So that they can deliver a better, faster response.

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Professional apps - Doing things in new and better ways

Mobile apps now play an essential role in supporting public safety. Offering new and better ways to protect citizens, they also help organizations work more efficiently.

New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) offer new options to public safety applications, such as:

·         Tracking of vehicles, assets and resources

·         Messaging in talk groups

·         Camera and video recording

·         Call taking

·         Command and Control in the office and in the field.

The SmarTWISP apps ecosystem from Airbus offers professional versions of smartphone apps to meet the needs of your mission-critical users and devices.


What do professional users look for in an app?

This report details the findings from the fifth annual Airbus mobile apps survey in 2020, when we asked over 500 professional users for their views.

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Learn how instant, mission-critical communications in Agnet will give you a better way of working. Agnet’s mission-critical services give professional smartphone users reliable access to voice, video, multimedia, files and location information. Instant sharing with a defined group of people at the push of a button.

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