The Airbus safety culture drives the design and operations of our full product range – backed by continuous technological improvements

We foster an open reporting culture within Airbus that encourages employees to speak up about any potential safety concerns in an atmosphere of trust and empowerment. We reinforce the safety culture with our people through safety promotion and training.

This culture is driven by our highest priority: to always keep safety first. It is our mission to protect the safety of our fleet for everyone who is flying on board, using, or operating an Airbus product. This is why a Chief Product Safety Officer is appointed as an independent voice for safety in Airbus Commercial Aircraft, Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence & Space. Each Chief Product Safety Officer reports directly to the highest levels in the company and ensures that the appropriate safety governance is in place to achieve our safety mission.

The corporate Safety Management System (SMS) is how we anticipate, manage, and mitigate safety risks to ensure the safe operation of our products and services. We proactively share our years of experience with counterparts at industry level. The SMS is facilitated by an appointed Corporate SMS Officer, as well as SMS officers per function – with support from a network of nominated SMS representatives throughout the company. The Safety Management System principle is also shared at the interface with our Airbus suppliers and customers/operators.


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Product safety for commercial aircraft

We are committed to exceeding industry safety standards and supporting the safe operation of all our commercial aircraft and for those who fly aboard them.

Product safety for helicopters

The technological leadership of Airbus directly supports the safe operation of the company’s rotorcraft in missions around the world.

Airbus Military Formation Flight

Product safety for defence

Airbus has implemented the Safety Management System (SMS) strategy for its military aircraft and unmanned aerial systems programmes to increase the safety of its products.

Product safety for space

Airbus has played an important role in the launching of satellites into Earth orbit and deep space exploration with its Ariane family of launch vehicles, applying safety measures in manufacturing of these multi-stage rockets.


Health Onboard

by Airbus

Airbus has always taken great care to enable a safe environment on board an aircraft - a commitment that remains unchanged and enhanced in a post-pandemic world. Our aircraft are designed and equipped by leveraging the latest technology for the most rigorous and absolute best in health, safety, and comfort. For COVID19 & Pathogens risk management applied to Safety of our products and in operations refer to Health Onboard page.


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