More than 2,000 pilots and technicians have been trained at the Airbus Helicopters Training Academy and Centre in Japan since 2012. Its long list of customers includes Japan’s Self-Defense Forces, Coast Guard, police departments, firefighting bureaus, disaster prevention and response units, emergency medical services, TV and news gathering, along with other civil operators.

Airbus Helicopters Training Center Japan

Airbus Helicopters Training Academy in Kobe, Japan

Top-notch instructors for both pilot and technician training have abundant operational experience and knowledge at the Training Academy Japan. They are backed by the latest training resources, including the EC135 full flight simulator.

The Training Academy in Japan delivers the most comprehensive and coherent world-standard training for Airbus Helicopters’ operators, which is available only at training centres operated by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

Conveniently located in Kobe, Japan, it enables customers in the Asia-Pacific region to benefit from the same high-quality training as at Airbus Helicopters’ primary locations in France and Germany.

What our customers think

My learning was accelerated by the breadth and depth of the knowledge of my instructor who imparted it at the right occasions during the course of the training. Also, the visualisation of helicopter structures and mechanism of work by the mock-ups and the simulator helped me a great deal.

Fire department pilot

I could broaden my knowledge base with the tips on safety and resource management methods. I was thankful to be trained in the best training environment.

AS365 pilot, fire department


Customer assistance & accommodations

Customers can reach us during business hours:
Monday to Friday from [09:00 to 17:30 local time]

Phone: +81 3-5514-3339


8-8 Kobekuko, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi
650-0048 JAPAN

Airbus Helicopters Training Centre in Gifu, Japan

Located in Gifu, the Training Centre in Japan, has honed the skills of more than 150 pilots and technicians since its establishment 2019.

The centre meets local regulations as well as demanding international standards to work hand-in-hand with customers in the safest possible conditions. 

Approved by Airbus Helicopters as an H145 training centre, the centre is equipped with full-size mockups and the latest technology training devices and offers training courses to meet the needs of both domestic and international customers.

Based on the design concept, experts in various fields such as engineers, pilots and technicians of who actually designed and initially operated as manufacturers provide valuable skills and knowledge at the centre. 

The centre has four training rooms, two for lectures (capacity 8 trainees/room) and two for the dedicated training devices HATS (Helionix Advanced Tool Simulator, which helps trainees to familiarise themselves with all the Helionix® cockpit functionalities) and VMT (Virtual Maintenance Trainer), which allows trainees to experience maintenance tasks using realistic 3D modules of actual equipment in a virtual environment. 

In addition, there is a sufficient work space for the practical training equipped with mock-ups (tail units, gearboxes, etc) and other appropriate tools including cranes and GSE to ensure trainees acquire maintenance knowledge and skills.

What our customers think

It was possible to acquire not only flight skill and knowledge of BK117D-3 but also additional knowledge concerning the helicopter.

The instructor was very kind and gave a teaching style that suited each individual. It was a very meaningful training.


Training Center Japan

1, Kawasaki-cho,

Kakamigahara City, Gifu-Pref,

504-8710, JAPAN

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