Derived from Airbus Helicopters’ proven H175 civil rotorcraft, the multi-role H175M delivers optimum performance for a full range of missions – from sea level to hot-and-high operating environments. 

The military version fully benefits from the H175’s market position as the world’s most capable super-medium-weight helicopter. More than 145,000 flight hours have been logged by the H175 fleet in such operations as harsh North Sea conditions, as well as thousands of missions flown by the Hong Kong Government Flying Service in search and rescue (SAR), airlift and medical evacuation.

Tailored for the super-medium helicopter requirement

The H175M meets and exceeds military forces’ requirements in the super-medium helicopter category for troop transport, combat SAR missions and the deployment of special forces.

Range, endurance and the largest cabin

The H175M’s 12 cubic metres of cabin space is the largest on the market for a helicopter of its size.

With its underfloor internal fuel tanks providing a combined capacity of over two metric tonnes – the most fuel capacity in its class – the H175M boasts an impressive radius-of-action of nearly 300 nautical miles and an endurance close to six hours. Full integration of these fuel tanks into the airframe eliminates any impedance of cabin capacity, while allowing excellent ground clearance for operation in all terrains with no adverse impact on performance or exposure to external threats.

Helionix avionics for mission flexibility and safety

Airbus’ Helionix is the only avionics system developed by a helicopter manufacturer, and provides industry-leading situational awareness for the most effective and safe piloting during such challenging mission profiles as nap-of-the-Earth flying and in combat operations.

Additionally, it ensures extensive cockpit commonality for pilots who already have trained and flown Helionix-equipped helicopters, reducing training requirements and providing cost efficiencies.

The latest evolution of Helionix’ 4-axis autopilot allows the H175M to be controlled and recovered safely in the most extreme environments, including brown-out and white-out.

The Helionix avionics suite offers an innovative cockpit layout that helps increase pilots’ situational awareness.<br /> Helionix is an avionics system designed by Airbus Helicopters to offer increased mission flexibility to operators.


Infographic H175M

H175M Powerful, fast and agile

H175M in focus




The multi-mission capabilities of the H175M

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