At Airbus, we believe in a decarbonised, connected and autonomous future for aerospace. We collaborate with our innovation ecosystem and leverage our digitised operations to imagine future concepts that will bring this vision to reality.


Low-carbon aviation

Introducing new technology to aerospace

Our demonstrators


Towards the world’s first hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft

CityAirbus NextGen

CityAirbus NextGen

Our four-seat eVTOL demonstrator

Autonomous Connected

Autonomous & Connected

Towards safer, more efficient & interoperable flight

Discover how Airbus’ autonomous and connected technologies are leading the way towards safer, more efficient and interoperable flight.

Industry 4.0 A

Industry 4.0

A future-focused, intelligent and digital industrial ecosystem


Disruptive concepts

A fresh approach to aircraft design & materials

Innovation Ecosystem A

Innovation ecosystem

Leveraging collective intelligence to deliver results

Airbus partners with the outside world to translate innovative ideas into aerospace breakthroughs. Discover our open and agile approach to innovation.


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Paving the way for sustainable aerospace in Latin America
Fostering initiatives and partnerships across the region, here's a glimpse at how the Company has embarked on this journey in Latin America.
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Always on duty for security and freedom - 30 years after its maiden flight, the Eurofighter is more important than ever. Here are 30 facts and figures on why the European fighter jet will continue to be state-of-the-art for the next three decades:
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Commercial Aircraft
40 years of A320 Family innovation
The 40th anniversary of the A320 programme, launched in March 1984, is a great time to pay tribute to the A320 Family and look back over four decades defined by confidence, boldness, innovation and, above all, success!
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