We protect governments, defence, critical infrastructure and enterprise from increasingly complex cyber threats. We are a trusted partner to put in place long term solutions to increase the level of cyber resilience.

We are a European specialist in cyber security. All solutions are tailored to customer’s specific needs and operational constraints. Our cyber training centre offers tailor-made courses for all levels, from manager to expert. 

Staying at the forefront of security concepts and developments, we are a key player in European and national research and development programmes as ECOSSIAN, CYSPA and Gamma.




Airbus security operations centres


Incident response


based on our self-developed cyber range enviroment

Unique experience

with embedded systems and cryptography


Products and services


Identifying Risks and Increasing Awareness

  • Information security strategy and policy
  • Risk & maturity assessments
  • Trainings for all levels of an organisation
  • Asset discovery & vulnerability checks
  • Penetration testing & red teaming 
  • CyberRange training and simulation platform



Detecting Threats and Responding to Incidents

  • Security Operations Centre
    (SOC) for IT and OT
  • Computer Security Incident
    Response Team (CSIRT)
  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Orion Malware analysis platform

Protecting Networks, Assets and Platforms

  • Design of tailored solutions
  • Trusted Infrastructure /
    High-grade encryption
  • Secure exchange gateways
  • Stormshield firewalls, data and endpoint security


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Airbus Protect

A new global player for cybersecurity, safety and sustainability services


Latest CyberSecurity news

Airbus Protect: a new global player for cybersecurity, safety and sustainability services
Airbus Protect, a new Airbus subsidiary bringing together the Company’s expertise in cybersecurity, safety and sustainability-related services, is officially established. The aim of this new entity is to provide a unique global service offering to protect Airbus company-wide and meet the needs of external authorities and commercial customers, including in the field of critical infrastructures.
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Airbus and CISPA establish Digital Innovation Hub for Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence
Airbus and the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at ILA Berlin 2022 to open a center of excellence for cybersecurity and trustworthy artificial intelligence in Saarland, Germany. The "CISPA-Airbus Digital Innovation Hub" will be located at the CISPA Innovation Campus in St. Ingbert and will start operations this year with the intention to grow to around 100 experts within the next three years. In the long term, Airbus and the CISPA are jointly aiming to grow the competence center to more than 500 experts.
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Airbus brings leading-edge digital capabilities to Multi-Domain Military Operations
By applying its leading-edge digital capabilities to Multi-Domain Military Operations, Airbus provides seamless integration solutions that connect mission-critical military platforms and systems worldwide across all domains: air, land, sea, cyber and space.
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