Unmanned and autonomous flight; certifiable, safe and secure – begins with Airbus. With exceptional heritage both in manned and unmanned flight, Airbus is well leveraged to secure its position as a UAS technology leader. The company’s thoughtful innovation is driven by the needs of the global market, transforming many years of technological advancements into practical solutions across military, civil and institutional domains.

Combining deep understanding of customers, with the rich 40-year legacy of experience in a vast array of all things UAS. From development and production through to support services and operating. Airbus continues to develop existing and new solutions, which directly answer the challenges faced by customers all around the world.

Airbus UAS aim to pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world, unlocking new ways to do both the ordinary and extraordinary, today and tomorrow.

UAS Heritage

Airbus heritage in manned flight is leveraged to supply robust and dependable UAS. Airbus develops, integrate and provide UAS systems with a 40-year history.

UAS Heritage

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