As one of Airbus Helicopters' most successful lightweight rotorcraft, the H135 is known for high strength, compact construction, low noise levels, versatility, and low costs. As a result, it can perform a wide range of missions – from emergency medical services and rescue/disaster relief to private and business aviation.

A world leader in Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The H135 is the worldwide fleet leader in emergency medical services (EMS), and is available in a wide range of dedicated EMS interiors that give operators a choice of configurations, providing ample room for patient care. Its cabin volume allows direct access to the patient in the event of emergencies, such as the need to administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

Furthermore, the aircraft and its EMS cabin layouts meet the highest standards in patient care, including those required by the European EN13718 standard.

H135-An outstanding performer

Rescue and disaster relief

The H135 has excellent slope landing capabilities and can perform demanding mountain rescue intervention. Furthermore, the H135 supports disaster relief missions (in response to floods, earthquakes, landslides, heavy snowfalls, etc.) while being able to transport as many as two stretcher patients. The improvements of the latest H135 version further increase its hover performance, which is of particular importance in high-altitude mountain rescues.

H135 Rescue and disaster relief

Law enforcement

The H135 is the worldwide twin-engine fleet leader in the law enforcement segment with its high safety standards and good performance. The rotorcraft’s compact design lets it operate and land in hostile environments, as well as in densely populated urban areas. The low external sound signature makes the H135 not only a neighbourhood-friendly aircraft, but also provides a tactical advantage. This is further enhanced by its law enforcement mission capabilities: the modern HD electro-optical system (EOS) allows police aircraft to operate at a tactically advantageous distance from the scene.

The H135’s latest technology also fully integrates the aircraft into a unit’s tactical infrastructure by connecting the helicopter to the ground through various means (SATCOM, GSM, G4, Tetra, digital downlink systems, etc.). The day-to-day work of law enforcement officers is further revolutionised with state-of-the-art Wi-Fi connectivity, a tablet-compatible cockpit, and enhanced reality system (vector maps overlay on video images).

H135 Law enforcement


The rapidly-growing environmental energy market is generating a new demand for smaller, more agile helicopters offering the highest safety standards while being extremely cost efficient. This is where the H135 fits in.

It is the first choice in the entry light twin-class for human external cargo (HEC) operations requiring OEI performance. To this end, Airbus created unique flight manual supplements for the H135 (and the H145) to meet the highest safety standards.

The H135 has become the reference light twin aircraft for offshore energy and powerline maintenance missions, as well as for harbour piloting – operations that require a similar standard of safety and mission capability.

Its external hoist system (HEC Class-D certified) can be fitted either on the right- or left-hand side of the aircraft.

Offshore mission package

The H135 fulfils safety and mission requirements for offshore work, and is available with the following equipment:

●       Emergency floatation system (Sea State 6 certified)

●       External life raft system (Sea State 6 certified)

●       Helicopter emergency egress lighting (HEEL)

●       Automatic deployable emergency locator transmitter (ADELT)

H135 Energy

Private and business aviation

Introduced by Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH), the ACH135 is an H135 variant configured for corporate and VIP transport – providing an optimal balance of performance, manoeuvrability, and comfort, allowing passengers (up to six of them) to maximise every minute of travel.

The ACH135 was designed with safety in mind, incorporating a Helionix® flight deck that features advanced intuitive software, a synthetic vision system, and 4-axis automatic pilot with complete envelope protection.

With the ACH135 and its other corporate helicopter versions, Airbus provides best-in-class corporate and VIP transport solutions – including tailored completions with top quality materials and craftsmanship, as well as the highest standards of customer care and service.

  • Visit the ACH website for more information on the ACH135 and the Airbus Corporate Helicopters product line.

H135 in focus


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