A wing’s aerodynamic properties are central to aircraft efficiency. Airbus experts constantly examine new ideas and technologies that take their inspiration from nature, helping to further optimise wing design for the aircraft of tomorrow.

Our wing projects



A revolutionary approach to aircraft wing design

The Airbus AlbatrossONE demonstrator puts semi-aeroelastic hinged wing-tips to the test. Discover how freely flapping wing-tips could improve aircraft performance.


This breakthrough laminar aircraft demonstrator aims to reduce wing friction by 50%, which could lower in-flight CO2 emissions by up to 5%. BLADE was tested in our A340 Flight Lab in 2017.

eXtra Performance Wing

This demonstrator project focused on accelerating and validating technologies that will improve and optimise wing aerodynamics and performance for any future aircraft. Its applications would be compatible with any propulsion solution and aircraft configuration and would reduce CO₂ emissions, contributing to Airbus’ decarbonisation roadmap.

Wing Technology Development Centre

Wing of Tomorrow

Airbus’ transnational Research & Technology programme 

In July 2023, Airbus delivered its second 17m wing demonstrator that will help mature next generation wing technologies and manufacturing capabilities.



These vertical wing-tip extensions that resemble a shark’s dorsal fin significantly reduce the size of the wingtip vortex, thus reducing induced drag. Today, all members of the A320neo Family are fitted with winglets as a standard.

Airbus’ Wing Technology Development Centre in Filton, UK

Airbus is investing further in its UK innovation capabilities with the opening of a new Wing Technology Development Centre at its Filton site in July 2023. The new facility will help Airbus accelerate the design, construction and testing of wings for next generation aircraft, using the latest technology and world-leading demonstrators to further improve performance.


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