The H225 is the choice of commercial operators and governmental agencies for its long range and all-weather search and rescue (SAR) capabilities. As a reference in its field, the H225’s autopilot provides precision, stability, flight envelope protection, and pilot assistance – including dedicated search and rescue (SAR) upper modes.

In addition, its payload and range capability make the H225 the most cost-effective helicopter for long-distance offshore crew changes.

The H225 also has high payload capacity and versatile configurations to suit such missions as:

  • Aerial work

  • Firefighting

  • Passenger transport

  • Law enforcement

  • Utility missions

The reference in SAR

The H225 and its military version – the H225M – have been selected and operated by 20 countries for SAR missions around the world.


19 passengers

Or 28 in troop seating

600 NM

External load

4,750 kg

External load

6 Stretchers

+ 5 seats

Rugged, strong, and ready

The H225 is the latest member of Airbus’ proven Super Puma/Cougar family, which has accumulated more than 5.8 million flight hours during operations around the world in the harshest conditions – including severe icing and highly challenging maritime environments. The H225M military version also has operated in the most demanding combat SAR (CSAR) missions.


The reference in pilot assistance for safety and mission efficiency

H225 avionics and autopilot systems reduce crew workload while enhancing safety, especially in the most demanding mission phases or conditions, through enhanced situational awareness and automatic modes or protections.

The flight crew benefits from the real-time display of power margins, and from automatic features such as automatic level-off at low heights, an automatic collision avoidance procedure, vortex ring protection, automatic rig approach up to the visual decision point, Required Navigation Performance (RNP) approach down to LPV minima (Localiser Performance with Vertical Guidance / precision approach), search pattern, automatic transition down to hover (trans-down), and fly away.

As on the H225M, the H225 is now offered with a new glass cockpit featuring four 10” x 8” enlarged displays and an enhanced control cursor unit for a more efficient human machine interface – reducing crew workload.


The H225 is a true all-weather helicopter, and the only rotorcraft with full de-icing certified for flights up to severe icing conditions.

The H225 is the first helicopter in the industry to benefit from an original equipment manufacturer-issued flight crew operating manual whose intent is to optimise the best use of the aircraft’s automation and aircraft systems in offshore missions.

The versatile heavy-lift solution

With a wide choice of mission equipment, a multi-role railed cabin floor, quick role-change capability and a high payload capacity, the H225 can address a wide range of missions such as commercial air transport, SAR, law enforcement, firefighting, medical evacuation (medevac), humanitarian, disaster relief, and aerial work.

H225 in focus



The multi-mission capabilities of the H225


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