Airbus’ HCare material management capabilities extend across the globe via a network of 96 authorised repair and overhaul centres, eight logistics hubs or central/regional inventories, and four worldwide customer support centres providing 24/7 technical, logistics and aircraft-on-ground (AOG) support.

In addition to structured and robust  AOG and warranty support, the company offers three lines of service aimed at ensuring high availability for all in-service Airbus helicopters, and at keeping customers operating at peak performance levels:

  • HCare Easy
  • HCare Smart
  • HCare Infinite 
H160 maintenance

    HCare Easy

    HCare Easy is Airbus' series of on-request catalogue services related to spare parts ordering, repair and overhaul, exchange of components and equipment.

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    Airbus Helicopters proposes two types of maintenance service for equipment, dynamic components and blades repair and overhaul – easing customer maintenance operations, reducing downtime and allowing for more predictable maintenance planning.

    HCare Easy services include two additional options applicable for major components:

    • A reduced and secure turn-around-time (TAT) option
    • A cost- and time-effective onsite repair option for minor repairs, through the assistance of Part 145 technician

    All services and options are accessible through the Airbus customer portal, AirbusWorld.

    Airbus’ Easy Exchange policy responds to the needs of helicopter operators whose missions require maximum availability. It offers customers the possibility of exchanging a part in need of repair or overhaul with another serviceable part. This service provides flexibility, with reactive delivery times, thanks to a dedicated pool of parts.

    The result is optimal operational availability and minimal maintenance downtime – enabling operators to keep their aircraft in the air.

    This service, ensuring immediate availability of spare parts, tools and ground support equipment (GSE), can be one of the most important keys to successful helicopter operations.

    Airbus continuously reviews its helicopter spare parts, tools and GSE delivery performance and adapts its stock and logistics processes, all with the goal of providing customers with maximum parts availability at competitive prices. The company reaches 98 percent of planned spares orders delivered on time worldwide.

    HCare Smart

    HCare Smart’s “by-the-hour” programmes offer a solution for all operator types, from low- to high-frequency fliers.

    With a fixed rate per flight hour, it enables budget planning and control, enhanced helicopter availability and simpler management thanks to a unique contract.

    HCare Smart offers four different programmes tailored to customers’ needs:

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    With Airbus Helicopters’ Repair by the Hour programme, components are repaired and overhauled within a contractual turnaround time and for a fixed hourly rate.

    This flexible solution allows customers to improve their existing maintenance schedule, while retaining property of their parts. The RBH programme includes dynamic components, blades, basic and mission equipment – with this coverage customisable according to customer needs. This service particularly suits military and public service operators.


    The Exchange by the Hour programme offers customers immediate part availability for all unscheduled maintenance events. It is designed especially for moderate fliers who wish to keep their inventory costs low but want maximum part availability. The contract is billed at a fixed hourly rate so that maintenance costs remain predictable.

    With the Parts by the Hour programme, Airbus replaces covered helicopter components within a short and contractual lead time for both scheduled and unscheduled events.

    This service enables operators to decrease rotorcraft downtime, reduce inventory costs and stabilise maintenance expenses – as the contract is paid at a fixed hourly rate.

    Airbus has a dedicated helicopter spare parts pool to support PBH customers. Parts are stored and distributed through a large logistics network located on all continents. 

    The Full by the Hour service, on top of PBH coverage, includes the supply of consumables and non-repairable parts needed to carry out curative and preventive aircraft maintenance.

    HCare Infinite

    HCare Infinite's services offer has two packages, Access and Perform, including material management, technical, and maintenance services associated with contractual performance commitments. The proposed coverage goes up to all-inclusive turnkey solutions with a full fleet availability commitment according to customers’ requirements.

    It is designed for customers who want to partially or fully transfer maintenance operations and risks to industry in order to focus solely on their missions. Airbus takes care of the rest, from A to Z.

    HCare Classics

    Airbus Helicopters’ response to the unique support and services needs of legacy rotorcraft operators is HCare Classics – a complete, multi-service solution that increases fleet availability, enhances maintenance efficiency, and optimises costs for out-of-production helicopters that remain in operational use.

    This package – which factors in the specific requirements of operators with H120, Dauphin, Puma and Gazelle helicopters – brings a collaborative approach to fleet management in anticipating and treating issues of aircraft longevity and obsolescence.

    HCare Classics is specifically designed to optimise the support that Airbus Helicopters can bring in such domains as material and logistics management, technical support, obsolescence treatment and training.

    All aspects of legacy rotorcraft operations are taken into account in a single HCare Classics contract, with performance commitments related to the services provided by Airbus Helicopters.

    Other support and services

    E-ordering services

    Airbus makes ordering spare parts easier than ever. Customers can order their parts via AirbusWorld with the e-ordering service, which provides faster quotations and streamlined communication of the price, the lead time and the availability of a part through an illustrated online catalogue.

    Worldwide stock management

    Customers benefit from Airbus’ worldwide stock management policy, designed to ensure the right parts are available at the right time, and at the right place for each and every operator. The company is committed to increasing the level of its spares service through strong commitments on delivery lead times for planned orders.

    Tools and ground support equipment (GSE)

    Spare parts include tools and ground support equipment. Airbus is working on the adaptation of its solutions according to operators’ return on experience from the field.

    Many improvements are proposed to make maintenance providers' lives easier, and to contribute to better efficiency in the maintenance of their helicopters.

    The suite of specific tools and GSE to perform O and I maintenance-level inspections, and the associated services that Airbus Helicopters offers to support fleet operations, are illustrated in commercial catalogues.

    These catalogues have been customised by helicopter family.

    To facilitate the search, they have been structured either by ATA classification or by tool family.

    Download and discover Airbus’ detailed catalogues.

    An unmatched global logistics network

    Airbus has built an unrivalled global helicopter spare parts delivery network comprised of eight logistics hubs and central/regional inventories in France (Paris and Marignane), Germany, the United Kingdom, China (Hong Kong), Brazil, Mexico, Australia and the United States, along with a global network of customer centres and distributors.

    Logistics consulting

    Airbus' helicopter logistics field representatives (LFRs) are specialised experts who help customer teams operate more efficiently.

    The LFR serves as the customer’s single point of contact at Airbus for material management needs in their country.

    The LFR is fully dedicated to maintaining top-level logistic performance. Their scope includes improving logistic flows and administrative patterns, aligning forecasts to maintenance planning, following up with repairs – including turnaround times and core units – managing warranty claims, and coordinating transport of spare parts.

    Depending on the operator’s specific needs, LFRs can be embedded directly on customer premises to manage either just one part of the supply chain (such as warehousing or transport), or the entire flow.

    AOG support

    Airbus does everything possible to support helicopter customers when they need it the most. The company’s AOG department is customers’ worldwide around-the-clock point of entry for aircraft-on-ground situations.

    A team of approximately 50 employees – all specialists in their respective fields (technical, logistics, quality, shipping, etc.) – staff the centralised operating centre in Marignane, answering customers’ most urgent requests 24 hours a day.

    The centre in Marignane (France) also supports similar logistics platforms in Hong Kong (China), Dallas (USA) and Atibaia (Brazil) in resolving local issues.

    Reach the AOG department by contacting one of Airbus’ four customer service centres or calling the customer support hotline:

    Phone: + 33 4 42 85 97 97

    Fax: + 33 4 42 85 99 96



    Airbus’ comprehensive helicopter warranty policies are designed to provide peace of mind for customers when they purchase a new rotorcraft, spare parts and repair and overhaul services.

    Under HCare, Airbus offers enhanced warranty conditions across the civil product line. Coverage has been extended to three years or 2,000 flight hours – with labour included during the first year after delivery.

    These warranty conditions are effective for rotorcraft delivered from 1 January 2015. The new warranty coverage reflects the confidence Airbus Helicopters has in its products and its commitment to finding new ways to better satisfy its customers.

    Warranty claims in general are managed by the company’s four customer service centres, available by phone 24/7.

    Claims can be placed, and tracked in real time, using Airbus’ eWarranty Claims service, available worldwide on the Airbus customer portal, AirbusWorld.


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