Airbus’ diverse product line includes everything from passenger aircraft to freighters and private jets. With each of the company’s aircraft family showcasing pioneering design, superior comfort and unparalleled efficiency.

We are setting standards for a modern, sustainable aviation industry.

Airbus Commercial aircraft | Highlights 2023

2023 was a year of progress to connect today and tomorrow. We served our customers with our product line of commercial aircraft and took major steps towards our decarbonisation journey. Check out some of the highlights of 2023, another year defined by the pioneering values of our employees, partners and customers.

No matter who is flying, whether it is VIPs or government officials, frequent-flying business passengers or vacationers jetting off for a well-deserved break, passengers can relax knowing that every aspect of an Airbus aircraft has been designed to be as comfortable, efficient and innovative as possible – creating pleasant environments for passengers, pilots and crew.

Ranging in size from 100- to 850-seat aircraft, the versatility of Airbus’ product line allows it to offer a variety of tailored solutions to meet the needs of any airline and their market – from low-cost and full-service carriers to the air freight and VIP transport segments – while continuously ensuring the very best in efficiency and experience.

At Airbus we pioneer sustainable aircraft and our product responsibility means finding the right balance between social, economic and environmental commitments.


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