Making safe aircraft is part of our professional DNA at Airbus, and our commitment to providing support for the safety of Airbus aircraft in operation applies for as long as an aircraft is in service. We recognise that the safety of a flight means our aircraft must not only be safely designed, tested and built, but also safely maintained and flown by trained Operators in a safe environment.


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Commercial safety in operations

Everyone in our industry has a role to play to further enhance the safety of commercial air transport.


Helicopters safety in operations

Airbus Helicopters' chief priority is to support flight safety for the thousands of men and women around the world who are transported in its aircraft every day.


Defence safety in operations

Airbus Defence and Space is committed to develop and deliver products that are safe to operate this business unit.


Space safety in operations

Safety of our products from launch operations to disposal at end-of-life.


Health Onboard

by Airbus

Airbus has always taken great care to enable a safe environment on board an aircraft - a commitment that remains unchanged and enhanced in a post-pandemic world. Our aircraft are designed and equipped by leveraging the latest technology for the most rigorous and absolute best in health, safety, and comfort. For COVID19 & Pathogens risk management applied to Safety of our products and in operations refer to Health Onboard page.


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Safety of our products

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