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For Air Defenders - Airbus Defence and Space produces 2,000th target drone
For more than 20 years, Air Defenders around the world have been training with Airbus Defence and Space target drones - ensuring that their countries' air defences work when it counts. Airbus' Target Systems & Services has now produced its 2,000th drone in Friedrichshafen.
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Airbus Summit to take place on 30 November and 1 December 2022
The 2022 edition of the Airbus Summit will take place over two days on 30 November and 1 December. Building on the momentum of the 2021 Summit, this year's event will seek to showcase the tangible progress and achievements made by the aerospace sector as it gathers pace towards a more sustainable future.
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Airbus and ArianeGroup sign Ariane 6 transition batch contract in Spain
Airbus and ArianeGroup have signed a contract for the next transition batch of Ariane 6 large carbon fibre structures. The contract includes the manufacturing and supply of innovative, large, lightweight structures for the next fourteen Ariane 6 launchers, to be manufactured until 2025. The contract will support ArianeGroup's ramp up to full production rate by then.
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The cold heart that powers our ZEROe aircraft
Hydrogen is key to our mission to bring zero-emissions aircraft to market by 2035, but it needs to be stored at an exceptionally chilly -253°C. To use this technology means developing innovative cryogenic hydrogen storage tanks. Luckily, we have teams around our network with just the right set of skills to build them…
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Artemis I successfully launched: Orion is heading to the Moon with Airbus’ European Service Module!
The Artemis I mission will test the full Orion spacecraft in space for the first time. This mission is uncrewed and all systems will be pushed to their limits - vital for ensuring that crew members in future missions aboard the Orion capsule are safe.
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The road to the Moon
With Orion’s first flight to the Moon as part of NASA’s Artemis I mission just around the corner, throwback to how it all came together.
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