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Commercial Aircraft
ITA Airways firms up order for 28 Airbus aircraft
ITA Airways, Italy’s new national carrier, has firmed up an order with Airbus for 28 aircraft, including seven A220s, 11 A320neos and 10 A330neos, the latest version of the most popular A330 widebody airliner. The order confirms the Memorandum of Understanding announced on 30th September 2021. In addition, the airline will pursue its plans to lease A350s to complement its fleet modernisation.
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China Airlines A321neo
Commercial Aircraft
China Airlines becomes new operator of A321neo
China Airlines (CAL) has become the latest operator of the A321neo, following the delivery of its first aircraft of the type, on lease from Air Lease Corporation (ALC) (NYSE: AL).
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First in-flight 100% sustainable-fuels emissions study of passenger jet shows early promise
The ECLIF3 study, involving Airbus, Rolls-Royce, German research centre DLR and SAF producer Neste, marks the first time 100% SAF has been measured simultaneously on both engines of a commercial passenger aircraft – an Airbus A350 aircraft powered by Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines.
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Cabin open to all
Cabin open to all
The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 15% of the global population – around one billion people - is disabled. With this figure set to rise by 2050 as the traveling population ages, Airbus’ long held commitment to accessibility and inclusion for passengers of all abilities has never been more important.
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Galileo OSNMA testing
Airbus validates the Galileo satellite navigation system’s resistance to data attacks
Europe’s Galileo satellite-based navigation system will become the first to offer increased robustness in face of “spoofing” threats – providing enhanced security against malicious data forging attacks through an authentication mechanism developed and validated with Airbus expertise.
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MetOP Illustration
Airbus-built MetOp-A weather satellite retires after 15 years of operations
After 15 years of successful operations ESA´s/Eumetsat´s weather satellite MetOp-A ,which was built in the satellite centres of Airbus Defence and Space at Toulouse (France) and Friedrichshafen (Germany), has now retired. Launched on 19 October 2006, MetOp-A has tripled its planned lifetime and has become a game changer in contributing to weather forecasting and climate research.
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