Aerospace unites people, drives economic prosperity and facilitates global cooperation. To ensure it can continue to play this vital societal role, Airbus aims to lead the aviation industry’s decarbonisation journey as it works towards its goal of ‘net-zero carbon emissions by 2050’. 

Sustainability at Airbus

Our approach to sustainability

Our approach to sustainability is centred around respecting the planet, valuing people, and enabling prosperity. This approach will guide us as we stay the course and continue to pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world.


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Respecting the planet

We are leading the journey towards clean aerospace

Valuing people

Valuing people

We respect human rights, prioritise safety and protect communities


Enabling prosperity

We unite cultures, connect economies and enable partnerships

Reporting and Performance Data

Reporting and performance data

A transparent approach to sustainability performance reporting


Airbus Foundation

Supporting humanitarian efforts, the next generation and the environment

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Gathering pace towards sustainable aerospace

Our interactive sustainability booklet

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Welcome aboard the SAF journey
In line with its decarbonisation roadmap, Airbus is joining forces with airlines to increase the use of sustainable aviation fuel for employee business travel.
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Is quantum computing an enabler for the decarbonisation of aviation?
The accelerating development of quantum computing hardware and software bring this exciting emerging technology into sharper focus. Airbus and other aerospace players aim to harness its power, speed and scalability in order to facilitate their journey towards low carbon emissions.
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EarthCARE satellite set to explore the Earth’s skies
EarthCare’s instruments - lidar, radiometer, imager, radiometer - will provide insights about clouds, aerosols and radiation for developing climate models.
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