Our world is changing. And so are we. At Airbus, we want to be known not only for our exceptional products and services, but also for the positive impact we have on the world and its citizens. This starts by rethinking our approach to the way we do business to ensure we can step up and be a driving force for change.

Sustainability commitments

Sustainability Commitments

Four core commitments that drive the way we do business



Our commitment to environmental protection

A319neo Sustainable Alternative fuel refuelling

Learn more about Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

A proven alternative fuel for immediate CO2 reduction

Discover Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), one of the industry’s best decarbonisation solutions available for use in all Airbus aircraft and helicopters.

Latest news

Solar power beams: a step towards cleaner energy
Beaming solar power could help Europe access more renewable energies, in an independent way. Airbus has now demonstrated how this new technological concept could work in its X-Works Innovation Factory.
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Commercial Aircraft
easyJet to upgrade its Airbus A320 Family fleet with Descent Profile Optimisation and Continuous Descent Approach to further improve efficiency, fuel savings and noise emissions
easyJet is to upgrade its A320 Family fleet with Airbus’ “Descent Profile Optimisation” (DPO) – a fuel-saving enhancement to the aircraft’s on-board Flight Management System (FMS) performance database and “Continuous Descent Approach” (CDA) to reduce noise impact on the ground. The European short-haul airline will become the biggest operator worldwide using these powerful combined solutions.
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The ICAO Assembly: A key opportunity to drive change
The ICAO Assembly aims to create alignment across key issues for the aviation industry such as decarbonisation and resilience. A range of proposals will be discussed and voted upon in order to drive improvements to safety, security, innovation, environmental protection and sustainability.
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Airbus Foundation

About Airbus Foundation

The Airbus Foundation supports disaster relief and emergency responders, and aims to inspire the next generation of aviation professionals.

Reporting and Performance Data

Reporting and performance data

A transparent approach to sustainability performance reporting

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Ethics and compliance

How we live our principles


Corporate citizenship

Our commitment to social responsibility & corporate sustainable development