From major tourist destinations to the busy airspace over cities, Airbus’ single-engine H130 (previously known as the EC130 T2) is in widespread use with sightseeing services, charter operators and emergency medical services, among

Solid roots

The H130 is a member of the Ecureuil family, which represents 47% of the Airbus-built in-service helicopter fleet worldwide, and has accumulated over 39 million flight hours worldwide.


Up to 8 on board

1 pilot + up to 7 passengers or 2 pilots + up to 5 passengers

128 Kts

Fast cruise speed @ MTOW


Endurance @ MTOW

327 NM

Range @ MTOW

A safe, silent, and comfortable ride

The H130 is an intermediate single-engine helicopter tailored for passenger transport, sightseeing and VIP duties, as well as medical airlift and surveillance missions. As a multi-role rotorcraft, the H130 has a spacious cabin for a pilot and up to seven passengers. Depending on the configuration, it can carry up to two pilots, one stretcher and three to four medical crewmembers.

Among the H130’s enhancements are an active vibration control system and advanced environmental control; improved air conditioning; a cabin interior structure redesign with a fully flat floor; energy-absorbing seats and integration of a crash-resistant fuel system. A cockpit update for the rotorcraft brings an enhanced human-machine interface through the integration of Garmin’s G500H TXi glass cockpit with a synthetic vision system (SVS) and the helicopter terrain avoidance and warning system (HTAWS). A wireless connection automatically
transfers flight data at the end of each mission.

H130- Philjets-Corporate-passenger-transport.JPG

A quiet and powerful aircraft

As the quietest helicopter on the market in its category, the H130’s Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor and automatic variable rotor speed control contribute to this helicopter’s significantly reduced external sound level. With a noise signature 6 dB below ICAO limits, it is quieter than the most restrictive limits defined by the Grand Canyon National Park in the United States – a recognised benchmark for tourism operations.

The Safran Arriel 2D turbine engine includes a new-generation dual-channel full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system with a third independent and automatic backup channel.


Modern and reliable

The H130 incorporates state-of-the-art technologies, materials, systems and avionics, building on the proven experience of Airbus’ Ecureuil rotorcraft family.

This user-friendly helicopter is pleasant and easy for pilots to fly. The Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD) is integrated into the instrument panel. This considerably reduces the pilot’s workload, thus enhancing flight safety.

The H130 is fully equipped with a VFR (visual flight rules) day-and-night navigation system in a standard “ready to fly” package, associated with a Global Positioning System (GPS) map display.


An unmatched rotor system

The H130’s main and tail rotor systems incorporate proven Airbus technologies for performance, ruggedness, reliability and safety.

The composite main rotor blades are highly resistant to impact damage and corrosion, and they have a long service life.

Airbus’ signature Fenestron® tail rotor is easy to maintain. Its shrouded design reduces vulnerability to impact damage, enhances safety for ground personnel working in the rotorcraft’s vicinity, and contributes to the H130’s very low external sound level.


Easy to maintain

Wherever H130s are operated, a member of Airbus’ worldwide service network is nearby to provide the necessary support to keep them flying.

This network includes 30 customer centres and affiliate sites; more than 100 distributors, representatives, training centres, repair and overhaul facilities and maintenance centres, as well as 10 logistics hubs in France, Germany, the United States, Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Airbus is at the service of customers – from technical support, component repair and overhaul to spare parts support, technical publications and training. The H130’s simple design, its use of composite materials and the experience drawn from Airbus’ mature Ecureuil family contribute to reduced maintenance costs and a high availability rate.

Advanced technologies integrated into the helicopter help pilots and technicians with their daily maintenance tasks, including access to maintenance data recorded by the Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display.

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H130 Unique flight experience

H130 global presentation (2020)

- Commercial Pax Transport
- Private & Business Aviation
- Emergency Mediacal Services
- Aerial Work

H130 in focus


The multi-mission capabilities of the H130


Technical information

Technical description, seating configurations and infographics for the H130

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