Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are increasingly integrating into today’s airspace, providing unrivalled intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data for both military and civil applications. At Airbus, our UAS solutions play a key role in defence, humanitarian and environmental missions all over the world.

Our UAS solutions

European MALE RPAS
European MALE RPAS

The unveiling of the first full-scale model of the European Medium Altitude Long Endurance unmanned aerial system at ILA Berlin Air Show is a showcase for combined European technological excellence.


This high-altitude pseudo-satellite (HAPS) is the first unmanned aircraft of its kind to fly in the stratosphere. Capable of flying for months at a time, it combines the endurance of a satellite with the flexibility of a UAV.


This UAS, suitable for operation on naval ships, can perform missions requiring a +50-km range and necessitating a three-hour endurance. It can conduct several types of missions ahead of the ships, including Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), target tracking and notification, search-and-rescue and anti-piracy actions.


This compact, multi-mission UAS operates alongside other ship-borne naval assets, providing a clearer tactical picture and added search-and-rescue power.


This local positioning system enables manned and remotely piloted aerial vehicles (RPAS) to determine their relative position in the harshest environmental conditions. The independent navigation system contributes to easier and safer take-off and landing procedures in GPS-shaded environments that lack reference points or visual cues.

Manned-Unmanned Team

This distributed network of intelligence connects unmanned aerial systems, enabling them to act as force multipliers for the manned aircraft. This helps to enhance the team’s capabilities and keep the pilot out of harm’s way.

Latest news

Zephyr High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) achieves connectivity in trial conducted by Airbus and NTT DOCOMO
Airbus and NTT DOCOMO, INC. have demonstrated the ability to use its solar-powered Zephyr High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) to deliver future wireless broadband connectivity. The trial took place in the United States in August, when the Zephyr S aircraft undertook approx. 18-day stratospheric flights to test various capabilities.
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Airbus Zephyr Solar High Altitude Platform System (HAPS) reaches new heights in its successful 2021 summer test flights
The Airbus Zephyr S completes a successful 2021 test flight campaign in the United States. The final Airbus solar-powered High Altitude Platform System (HAPS) flight touched down on 13th September in Arizona, USA, ending the most ambitious and successful Zephyr flight campaign to date.
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France orders H225Ms and VSR700 prototype in support of helicopter industry
The French Minister of Armed Forces, Florence Parly, has announced that the Armament General Directorate (DGA) has signed an order to purchase eight additional H225Ms and a second VSR700 prototype.
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Airbus Helicopters VSR700 demonstrator flies unmanned
The Airbus Helicopters VSR700 demonstrator took off for a fully unmanned autonomous flight at the military airbase in Istres in the south of France.
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