To meet the needs of global security, demand for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), also called Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS), has increased, and also comes with another set of challenges: preparing and training UAS pilots and sensor operators to be ready for their next mission.

Airbus’ advanced, high fidelity UAS simulation trainer supports the development of a versatile pool of crew with the flexibility in skills to operate different platforms and missions. It is designed hand-in-hand with operational pilots to address the latest requirements.


• ITAR-free

• Developed under NATO quality procedures

• Compliant with interoperability standards HLA, DIS

• Compliant with NATO STANAG 4586

• In operation with a NATO alliance member and has certified over 140 class II and class III crew members

System Overview

The Airbus UAS Simulation Trainer is an innovative, platform-independent multi-role simulation trainer tailored to the operations of Small, Tactical and MALE UAS platforms. One system comprises an Instructor Operation Station and two Operation Consoles for training the remote pilot and sensor operator respectively. 

The system is optimised for ab-initio and mission training. Depending on training needs, the simulators can be flexibly configured to depict specific customer tactical environments and tailored to individual systems. The realistic simulation provides training for EO, IR and SAR sensors, for planning, monitoring and controlling different ISTAR missions.

The Simulation Trainer offers realistic operational situational training with Ground Control Station (GCS) technology. Trainees are immersed in realistic mission planning, preparing them for their operational mission. Instructors may amend mission paths, simulate crew stress and input malfunctions that the crew may encounter when operating real UAS platforms in the future.

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