UAS Services is an Airbus subsidiary with over 40 years’ experience delivering UAS services and engineering solutions, performed more than 55,000 flight hours in over 5,300 missions whilst ensuring 98% system availability using our engineering expertise.

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Our UAS Services are tailored over the platform and user needs, which can be integrated in non-segregated airspace, offering a scope of services suited to a customer's mission.

Missions are prepared, conducted, analysed and maintained by our ADAS subsidiary team, experts in UAS services delivery.

Airbus offers UAS platform agnostic services, currently in operation with Heron 1 in Mali, Afghanistan and Europe.


UAS Generic Training Simulator

Airbus manufactures, customises and delivers simulator equipment to give you training autonomy


SE-RPAS, an innovative, generic multi-role training simulator for RPAS platforms, tailored to the operations of Small, Tactical and MALE RPAS.

The SE-RPAS offers basic training for UAS crew, providing the flexibility for, both RPAS Pilots and Payload Operators to be trained simultaneously or in dedicated Operator Role training.

The realistic simulation provides training for Electro-optical, infrared and SAR sensors, for planning, monitoring and controlling different Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions. With the addition of a simulation environment fully customised to the tactical environment of the customer. Our solution enables the flexibility in configuring the simulators to depict the same tactical environment or tailored to each individual system, dependent on customer training requirements.

SE-RPAS offers a realistic operational situation with the addition of Ground Control Station (GCS) technology, trainees can be immersed in realistic mission planning, preparing them for their operational mission. There is the additional instructor control stations that can be used to amend mission paths, simulate crew stress and input malfunctions that the crew may have to encounter when operating real RPAS platforms in the future.






The all-purpose landing aid


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