Designed to operate alongside other shipborne naval assets, the VSR700 unmanned aerial system (UAS) currently under development will provide commanders with a larger and clearer tactical picture, greater search and rescue power, and bring to bear a highly capable autonomous platform in times of heightened threats. Its compact size and discreet silhouette enhance stealth, and its payload accommodates a host of long-range, high-performance sensors – the optimal capability enhancement for modern navies.


The VSR700 is Airbus’ tactical unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed to fulfil the demanding requirements of global navies and those of armies in the 21st century’s contested and highly agile battlefields and seas.

The VSR700 offers the best endurance of any vertical takeoff/landing unmanned aerial vehicle (VUAV) in its class today. Its performance enables it to carry a full tactical load of major, high capability sensors, while its compact size provides multiple options for its assets (i.e. naval helicopter plus several VSR700s) stationed on board frigates and destroyers.


VSR700 in focus



The multi-mission capabilities of the VSR700

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Technical description for the VSR700



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