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They achieve the extraordinary every day and share their experience throughout their career path at Airbus. Follow their global adventures.


Meet Sonia

Head of Widebody Programme Office

I am Head of the Widebody Programme Office in Toulouse, France. I’ve been working at Airbus since 1997. I am working mainly with the Widebody commercial aircraft family (A350 and A330).


Meet Daniel

Senior Future Projects Engineer for the ZEROe project | Airbus Germany

For four years, Daniel Werner has been working as an overall aircraft design engineer for the ZEROe project. Balancing the pros and cons of every design decision, he and his team are responsible for exploring concepts and designing the ZEROe aircraft that will eventually take to the skies by 2035.


Meet Jessica

Cyber Security Architect | Airbus Defence and Space, Germany

Meet Jessica! As a passionate cyber security expert, Jessica initially joined Airbus Cyber Security (now: Protect) and is now working within Airbus Defence and Space as a Cyber Security Architect, responsible for the design and implementation of secure network architectures.


Meet Christelle

Head of Engineering Quality | Airbus Helicopters, France

After 10 years in Airbus Commercial aircraft in Germany, I was nominated Head of Engineering Quality for Airbus Helicopters in France.


Meet Kodai

Lead Flight Test Engineer | Airbus Helicopters, Japan

I’m Kodai Shibata, Lead Flight Test Engineer with Airbus Helicopters in Kobe, Japan. I am responsible for conducting flight testing for local customers and broadcasting companies.


Meet Sophie

Public Funding Lead of the ZEROe Programme | Airbus, France

After joining Airbus in 2012, Sophie Guichot held several different positions in purchasing before she landed on the ZEROe team. She works to secure external funding for the project and is proud to contribute to a project that aligns with her personal views on sustainability.

Estelle Poulin

Meet Estelle

Aviation security operations manager | Airbus France

I am in charge of protecting Airbus flights against malicious acts and attempts.


Meet Bettina

Head of Major Component Assembly Center Fuselage | Airbus Helicopters Germany

I am in a senior production management position, leading the major component assembly lines for centre fuselage for the H125/H130, the H160 and the H175 at the Airbus Helicopter site in Donauwörth.


Meet Harald

Head of Defence Digital, Head of Cyber and Managing Director | Airbus Defence and Space

Discover Harald's journey: “I enjoy having a trustful, open and reliable environment to work in. I value all aspects of inclusion and diversity, as well as loyalty, which all give me purpose. As we sometimes say, we are the Airbus family.”


Meet Aarushi

Associate System Engineer | Airbus India

My name’s Aarushi and I am from the pink city, Jaipur and I joined Airbus as an Associate System Engineer in the Digital & IM department.


Meet Vincent

Head of Multi-Intelligence Products & Solutions | Airbus Defence and Space, France

Vincent has shared with us his experience living with some invisible conditions and told us what he wished we all knew about them!


Meet Natalia

Fuel Cell System Engineer | Hamburg, Germany

As a Fuel Cell System Engineer in Hamburg, Natalia Medina Cabello brings her interest in renewable energy to life through her work on the ZEROe hydrogen-powered concept aircraft. Here she gives us an inside look at her responsibilities on the project and how she came to join the team.

Airbus faces - Grainne

Meet Grainne

Head of Marketing | Airbus Commercial, Africa and Middle East

I am based in Dubai and my role today is Head of Marketing for the Africa and Middle East region. In my team, we work with all our airline customers to help them understand our aircraft portfolio with respect to their own business models and operations.


Meet Mandy

Project Manager in the Cabin Experience | Airbus China R&D and Innovation Centre

“I wanted to be a part of this exciting industry that not only shapes the way we travel but also contributes to global connectivity and progress.”


Meet Pakamon Kutiam

Asia Pacific Customer Success Manager | Navblue, Thailand

Hi there! My name is Pakamon Kutiam and I am the APAC Customer Success Manager at Navblue, based in Bangkok, Thailand. I am responsible for after-sales support for around 40 accounts in Asia Pacific.

Airbus Faces Tual_2_EM

Meet Tual

CRM Product Manager | Airbus Helicopter, France

Meet Tual, a professional who loves his job and his sport. At work, he helps ensure smooth operations at Airbus Helicopters. Outside of work he's a recognised rugby referee, making crucial calls on some of the biggest rugby platforms.

Lisa Cros

Meet Lisa

Machining Technician | Airbus Helicopters in Marignane

Having completed her studies at Lycée Airbus, then an apprenticeship at Airbus Helicopters Marignane, Lisa is now contributing to the manufacturing process at Airbus Helicopters, where she works as a technician as part of the Centre of Excellence Rotors & Transmissions team.

Dawn Kolbet, Senior Aircraft Technician, Airbus Helicopters Inc.

Meet Dawn

Senior Aircraft Technician | Airbus Helicopters in Columbus, Mississippi

Dawn is a senior aircraft technician at Airbus whose career within the aviation sector has seen a fusion of her propensity for all things technical and a desire to fly. Her career, which spans 30 years, started in the US Navy, where she firmly situated herself as the only woman in her team.

Diane Dollar

Meet Diane

Professional pilot and founder of Forever on the Fly and Dare to Dream

Diane Dollar is changing the landscape of flight. In addition to performing numerous missions as a professional pilot, she has forged initiatives to encourage, inspire and engage a broad spectrum of aspiring pilots, and is currently planting the seed to make this type of mentorship more accessible to all.

Benjamin Massart at Kourou, French Guiana  © Airbus

Meet Benjamin

Space Engineer | Airbus Defence and Space

Meet Ben, his passion for astronomy since his childhood has ultimately led him to work for Airbus Defence and Space and the fascinating JUICE mission for the past 9 years. Throughout his career, he has also had the chance to work on other projects with ESA. - The underlying quest: Are we alone in the universe?

Fabien Romero

Meet Fabien

Value Assessment & A/C Economics • YZEO | Airbus, France

First inspired to join Airbus as a teen when he saw the A380 take flight for the first time, Sustainable Aviation Strategist Fabien Romero now assesses business models for another groundbreaking Airbus project: the ZEROe hydrogen-powered concept aircraft. 

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Airbus faces - Fangliang

Meet Fangliang Tian

Head of Quality and Safety | Airbus Lifecycle Services, China

Meet Fangliang Tian, an inspirational leader in the aerospace industry. From day one, he knew he had found his place at Airbus. Today, as the future Head of Quality & Safety for the Airbus Lifecycle Services joint venture in China, he continues to inspire us with his passion for the Aerospace Industry.

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EM_Airbus Faces_Thomas

Meet Thomas

Vought Helicopters | Aerospatiale | Eurocopter USA | Airbus

Airbus Careers catches up with Thomas Brown to celebrate his 50th anniversary as an Airbus employee and to learn more about his incredible aerospace journey. Throughout his career, Thomas has played an important role at Airbus Helicopters in the U.S., having contributed his expertise and dedication in various roles over the years.

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Shereen Lee

Meet Shereen Lee

Head of Flight Hour Services at Airbus in Malaysia

Meet Shereen Lee, the Head of Flight Hour Services at Airbus in Malaysia, leading a team of over 110 staff and managing FHS Worldwide Customers’ Parts- By-the-Hour components requests.

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Meet Yoann

Meet Yoann

Product Quality Engineer | Airbus Defence and Space

Meet Yoann, an engineer at Airbus Defence and Space and also a talented wheelchair tennis player. Recognised by the French Tennis Federation as a promising athlete, Yoann has set his sights on a challenging goal: to regain his position as one of France's top players and secure a spot in the highly anticipated 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.

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Meet Kanika

Meet Kanika

Associate System Engineer | Airbus India

Meet Kanika, a talented and motivated Associate System Engineer from Bhilwara, Rajasthan. Kanika's passion for airplanes led her to win the prestigious Aerothon 3.0, earning her a position at Airbus India.

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Alexandra Boeuf

Meet Alexandra

Expert in Product Lifecycle Management for Multiphysics Frameworks | Airbus Toulouse

Alexandra is an expert in PLM for Multiphysics Frameworks, and contribute to the digital transformation of data management in engineering. She is also a System Architect of a SAFe ART (Agile Release Train) of approximately 80 transnational and cross-functional developers.

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Anna, Landing Gear Flight Physics Integration Engineer in Filton

Meet Anna

Landing Gear Flight Physics Integration Engineer, Airbus Filton

Anna joined Airbus in 2008 in the Loads and Aeroelastic department and is currently part of the A321XLR Landing Gear team.

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Modesto, Programme Manager for the power plant system on the A321XLR

Meet Modesto

Programme Manager, Airbus France

Modesto joined Airbus 20 years ago and is now working on the A320 Family programme as Programme Manager for the power plant system on the A321XLR - a new variant of the A321neo.

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Sema, Senior Engineer, Airbus U.S.

Meet Sema

Senior Engineer at Airbus U.S.

Sema is a senior engineer based in Wichita, Kansas, currently working on the A321 XLR. She is eager to share what she values most about working for Airbus, and the importance of growth and development opportunities within the company.

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Aysh, Systems Engineering Graduate in Filton

Meet Aysh

Systems Engineering Graduate at Airbus Filton

Aysh pursued her degree at the University of Birmingham and is currently a second-year Systems Engineering Graduate in the Lightning Direct Effects team in Filton.

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Christelle André-Pons and Chloé Fuchs

Meet Christelle and Chloé

Airbus Corporate Information Security Officer (CISO) and Airbus Cybersecurity School student

Christelle André-Pons and Chloé Fuchs share their enriching roles in cybersecurity and discuss how Airbus fosters equity within the workplace.

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Simar, Project Manager Business Partner at Airbus Canada

Meet Simar

Project Manager Business Partner at Airbus Canada

Simar's positive and enriching experience with the company as an intern encouraged her to join the Airbus Canada family in 2022 as a project manager business partner (PMBR).

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Photo of Eszter Szigeti

Meet Eszter

Expert in Advanced Data Capture and Correlation

Following her post-graduate studies, Eszter’s path to aerospace continued when she joined Airbus in 2011 in the Structures Test department in Filton. In 2017, she was granted an expert mission in Advance Data Capture and Correlation, and is now on the senior expert path.

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