Harnessing the power of data-driven intelligence

As a leader in digital transformation, Airbus enables military customers to unlock the power of big data analytics for improved operational readiness.

The SmartForce suite of services exploits the rich store of data gathered by Airbus-built military aircraft and helicopters, providing data-driven intelligence whenever and wherever needed. This leads to optimised maintenance practices; better informed, data-driven decision-making; and predictive solutions that reduce workload and costs.

An important benefit of SmartForce is the sharing of aggregated data between operators through secure platforms, increasing the range, scale and effectiveness of the data while always respecting national security boundaries. The result is maximum fleet availability and optimised maintenance – enabling rapid and robust decision-making while controlling costs.

Expertise based on proven data services

SmartForce builds on Airbus’ successful introduction of the Skywise aviation data platform for operators of its commercial jetliners as well as the HCare Connected Services for users of its helicopters.

By breaking through information siloes, SmartForce can help military operators more rapidly perform root cause analysis and develop faster troubleshooting, providing more efficient support. An important benefit of SmartForce is the sharing of aggregated data between operators while fully respecting national security boundaries.

For diagnostics, SmartForce provides the automatic processing of failure management data through advanced algorithms of recorded failure codes, automatically identifying the faulted elements. This optimises maintenance efforts by simplifying the detection of faulted elements.

Rapid and robust decision-making

SmartForce’s reliability-related analytical services allow operators to measure in-service fleet performance by exploring operational data at part-number level. The result is improved insights of fleet down to the part-number levels.

Predictive services with SmartForce deliver solutions that benefit from a larger data pool of multiple operators, providing trend analysis of systems and leading to appropriate recommendations.  These services minimise short-notice responses to unplanned events through resource allocation and high-priority material ordering.

Fleet planning and maintenance planning services of SmartForce optimise the planning and execution of platform-related activities and – at a glance – offer a fleet-level overview of platforms’ individual capabilities. They provide situational awareness of the fleet to determine which platforms are most suitable for the mission, while reducing downtime through the ability to schedule and combine activities that make efficient use of resources.

For the planning of material demands, SmartForce provides in-depth analysis that minimise maintenance and improve parts forecasting.


Portfolio Extract

Defence and Space
Smart Fleet

Smart Fleet Planning is a user-friendly, multi-platform tool visualizing the fleet status for flight planning. It provides the optimal asset to perform a specific mission based schedule and unscheduled maintenance, aircraft configurations and mission requirements


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Smart Inspection

Smart Inspection provides Operators with a digital defect management system, from detection, measuring, capture and managing findings for continuous airworthiness monitoring


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Smart InspectionVideo (A400M)

Smart Inspection Video (MRTT)


Central Data

Central Data System (CDS) is a service designed for A330 MRTT Operators which reduces maintenance costs and increases Aerial Refuelling Boom System (ARBS) availability through an improved fault diagnosis and troubleshooting tasks based on data analytics applications


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Health and Usage

HUMS is a service designed for C295 Operators to facilitate decision making on maintenance recommendations and operational support through enhanced Diagnostics and Fault Isolation procedures and health data analysis


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Smart Aircraft Twin

Smart Aircraft Twin is a digital mock-up of the aircraft, enabling the Operator to access and navigate through technical data, thanks to the visual, intuitive and integrated 3D environment.


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Smart Reability Analytics

Smart Reliability Analytics is providing the Operator with the possibility to perform customized and on-demand reliability analysis on their maintenance and operational in-service data, digitalizing the existing reliability service and leveraging data analytics techniques to streamline data exploitation.


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Small Predictive Maintenance

Smart Predictive Maintenance offers adapted packages supporting any of your mission profiles and any organisation types (with or without HUMS** experts). Benefit from maximum anticipation on maintenance events thanks to a close and proactive monitoring by Airbus Helicopters HUMS experts. The service contributes to maximum operation’s efficiency and increased fleet availability, while optimising maintenance effort.


*HUMS : Health & Usage Monitoring System


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Small Technical Loog Book

Smart Technical Logbook provides an innovative digital Technical Logbook solution fully integrated to Airbus Helicopters digital chain. The service enables operators to support their airworthiness process: daily checks management, aircraft mission preparation, and Minimum Equipment List defects management. It allows instant sharing of technical events encountered during the flight. Data exchange between flight, airworthiness & maintenance teams can now be streamlined, more efficient and real-time, as taking advantage of new technologies.


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Small Flight Analizer

Smart Flight Analyser supports operational safety by analyzing automatically and according to multiple parameters, aircraft data after the flight, to identify risks before they lead to incidents. The service induces time saving for Safety Management System analysis, is compliant with ICAO* operational safety recommendation and is mixed-fleet compatible.


* ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organisation


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