Harnessing the power of data-driven intelligence

As a leader in digital transformation, Airbus enables military customers to unlock the power of big data analytics for improved operational readiness.

The SmartForce suite of services exploits the rich store of data gathered by Airbus-built military aircraft and helicopters, providing data-driven intelligence whenever and wherever needed. This leads to optimised maintenance practices; better informed, data-driven decision-making; and predictive solutions that reduce workload and costs.

An important benefit of SmartForce is the sharing of aggregated data between operators through secure platforms, increasing the range, scale and effectiveness of the data while always respecting national security boundaries. The result is maximum fleet availability and optimised maintenance – enabling rapid and robust decision-making while controlling costs.

Expertise based on proven data services

SmartForce builds on Airbus’ successful introduction of the Skywise aviation data platform for operators of its commercial jetliners as well as the HCare Connected Services for users of its helicopters.

By breaking through information siloes, SmartForce can help military operators more rapidly perform root cause analysis and develop faster troubleshooting, providing more efficient support. An important benefit of SmartForce is the sharing of aggregated data between operators while fully respecting national security boundaries.

For diagnostics, SmartForce provides the automatic processing of failure management data through advanced algorithms of recorded failure codes, automatically identifying the faulted elements. This optimises maintenance efforts by simplifying the detection of faulted elements.

Rapid and robust decision-making

SmartForce’s reliability-related analytical services allow operators to measure in-service fleet performance by exploring operational data at part-number level. The result is improved insights of fleet down to the part-number levels.

Predictive services with SmartForce deliver solutions that benefit from a larger data pool of multiple operators, providing trend analysis of systems and leading to appropriate recommendations.  These services minimise short-notice responses to unplanned events through resource allocation and high-priority material ordering.

Fleet planning and maintenance planning services of SmartForce optimise the planning and execution of platform-related activities and – at a glance – offer a fleet-level overview of platforms’ individual capabilities. They provide situational awareness of the fleet to determine which platforms are most suitable for the mission, while reducing downtime through the ability to schedule and combine activities that make efficient use of resources.

For the planning of material demands, SmartForce provides in-depth analysis that minimise maintenance and improve parts forecasting.


Our Services

RELY - Smart Reliability Analytics

Smart Reliability Analytics is an active monitoring service for analysing aircraft and helicopters operational data to help increase mission readiness and optimise the fleet sustainment costs.

TODAY: On aircraft, only quarterly reports with limited and agreed content available.

TOMORROW: Processing of secured stored data from systems and components which can be accessed remotely.

PLAN Smart Fleet Planning

Smart Fleet Planning is a flexible, multi platform service with the ability to reschedule on the go and adapt continually to one’s configuration and flight profiles.

TODAY: Fleet planning relies on manual scheduling or basic tools.

TOMORROW: All necessary information centralised in one tool. Facilitates decision making by providing planning scenarios.

PLAN Smart Maintenance Planning

Smart Maintenance Planning supports the operator's maintenance organization to plan and execute timely and on cost all the activities required for the continuing airworthiness of the fleet in a demand and dynamic environment of military operations.

TODAY: Maintenance planning relies on manual scheduling or basic tools.

TOMORROW: The service delivers a visualization of the optimised sequence to be followed by the maintenance

PLAN Smart Fleet Optimisation

Smart Fleet Optimisation provides strategic decision-making support services to optimise the long term (over five years) maintenance planning of aircraft and helicopters fleets. While maximizing the fleet availability for missions, it leverages the use of human and material resources, the time and the costs.

TODAY: Fleet availabilities planning relies on basic tools or manual scheduling for long term maintenance and mission activities.

TOMORROW: Artificial Intelligence processes large number of constraints and provides Quick & Easy to share optimised planning.

FLY Smart Load

Smart Load provides a 100% digital service for the A400M loadmaster that allows faster load-planning computation and unifies all the information sources used for cargo hold operation.

TODAY: The use of several scattered information sources is required.

TOMORROW: All necessary information is centralised in one table with a laser meter tool integrated.

FLY  Smart Flight Analyser 

This new analytics service for helicopters supports operational safety by analysing aircraft data post-flight to identify risks before they lead to incidents. The system then augments this data with weather data and environmental context to provide the user with the most complete picture possible. Users receive dashboards that are updated post-flight and used to support future decision making.

PREDICT   Smart Predictive Maintenance

 This predictive maintenance service for helicopters analyses HUMS data to help operators anticipate formerly unscheduled maintenance events (reducing their maintenance burden), avoid operational disruptions and improve fleet availability.

Our Services



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