Military Aircraft Training & Flight Operations Support provides training solutions to our customers (air crew, ground crew, mission specialists, etc.) including specification, design, development, production and in-service support for training services and simulation devices. In addition, Military Air Systems Services delivers turnkey solutions at customers’ sites including simulator-based training as well as theory and facility management, making sure that the customer requirements are met alongside the pilot training path.

Furthermore, Military Aircraft Services designs, develops and operates aerial targets for live-fire training, as well as supporting flight operations in advanced mission training, including: towed targets, electronic warfare emulation, monitoring, zone clearing (subsidiaries: GFD & AvDef) and provision of fleet availability and basic training services, currently for the French military (subsidiary: CATS).

Pilot Training

We provide every dimension of training in 10 centres around the world. From basic to advanced training & live firing.

Ab Initio Pilot Training

The training programme will equip students with the skills & mind-set required to become “operationally-ready pilots”, focusing on the development of key pilot technical & behavioral competencies.

Our solution offers a proven turnkey solution:

  • Competency-based training & assessment programme
  • Course designed to produce operationally-ready pilots for smooth integration from the training to the operational environment
  • Adaptable to any national authority requirements
  • Early access to Airbus training philosophy, standards & programmes

Initial Operating Experience & Type Rating

We offer end-to-end solutions from initial operational experience to type rating & recurrent for our state-of-the-art platforms.

The operational experience & type rating is focused on pilots that have previous experience on other platforms or completed their ab-initio training.

We offer a fully tailored solution for your flight crews that meets your regulatory standards & prepares for a smooth transition into your operation.


Mission Training

Tactical training prepares your pilots for the most challenging situations. We provide multiple scenarios with challenging operational & tactical capabilities.

Aircrew Training

We can tailor our training solutions to varying entry standards & exit requirements.

Airbus Aircrew Training offers an outstanding “learning-by-doing” approach which enables trainees to optimise the learning & familiarisation with the systems. The main aircrew courses provided at the training centre in Seville, Spain are:

  • Cargo Aerial Delivery
  • Loadmaster courses
  • Paratroop dropping
  • Operating Night Vision Goggles
  • Air-to-Air Refuelling & Boom operation
  • Defensive Aid Systems

Engineers, Maintenance Personnel & Specialists Training

From engineering training up to specialists, we are your point of reference.

Categories A, B1, B2, C, and Special tasks.

Training in accordance with EASA & EMAR 147 certified training standards. 

Flight Operations Support Services


  • Flight operations manuals and operational support
  • Electronic flight bag
  • Operational documentation

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