Our Services

Focus on your mission – military aircraft services takes care of everything else


For over 40 years, Airbus is providing its Customers with an extended portfolio of services. From the training of Flight and Ground Crews up to live firing exercises anywhere around the world.


We deploy a global network of support centres in five continents to provide the skilled and experienced resources needed to assist our Customers in accomplishing their mission, covering maintenance and upgrades of the aircraft, material services and support engineering. We continuously develop new skills to meet the most demanding requirements.

Delivering performance based solutions to make sure that Operators can continue to fulfil their missions even in the most challenging conditions.


More recently Airbus has embarked, on the journey for digital solutions that enhance the availability of our aircraft through the use of data driven support. Airbus analyses, predicts, and offers solutions that increase the availability of the fleets. The years of experience enable Airbus to continuously learn together with the Operators and stand shoulder-to-shoulder to work together for enhancing aircraft availability and mission readiness.

Supporting any platform

In Military Air Systems Services we support any platform, including:

A330 MRTT, A400M, Eurofighter, CN235, C295, C212, P-3 Orion, Tornado, C-160 Transall, E-3A AWACS, C101, C-130 , B707, F-18, F-2, F-4, Falcon 7X, F-5, AV-8B, Harrier, A310 MRTT & VIP, other Airbus derivatives.


Material, maintenance & global upgrades

Training & flight operations

Performance-based services