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Airbus delivers 100th H135 in Japan
Since the delivery of the country’s first H135 to Toho Air Service in April 1997 for electronic news gathering (ENG) activities, Japanese operators across the country have been tapping into Airbus Helicopters’ H135 operational excellence for a variety of missions spanning utility, emergency medical services, law enforcement, media broadcasting, passenger transportation, and training.
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Picture-highres: Friedrichshafen-MetOp-SG-B-and-ICI
Uploading the Cloud Imager
The development of Europe's second generation polar-orbiting weather satellites has reached another decisive milestone with the installation of the Ice Cloud Imager Instrument (ICI) onto the MetOp-SG-B satellite.
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Power Beaming technologies could enable countries to fully control and distribute their energy where needed, independently.
Solar power beams: a step towards cleaner energy
Beaming solar power could help Europe access more renewable energies, in an independent way. Airbus has now demonstrated how this new technological concept could work in its X-Works Innovation Factory.
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