Be proud: Together we make the world’s best aircraft even better.


From engineering to production: Join us to build the future of the A320 Family program - the most successful and versatile aircraft family ever.

You will be joining a program that gives the industry its fastest and most enjoyable growth, introducing new aircraft with unmatched strengths, the company that fuels the recovery of a whole ecosystem and will prepare the next version of aviation.

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From engineering to production: Join us to build the future of the A320 Family program - the most successful and versatile aircraft family ever.

Technicians, mechanics, engineers, project managers, IT experts: bring the A320 Family to the future with us.

The A320 Family is the most successful aircraft family. It stands for innovation in aviation. As the first civil aircraft to introduce fly-by-wire technology, the A320 Family has set the standards from day one. Thanks to the ingenuity of our engineers and the expertise of our technicians, the A320 Family connects destinations around the world on routes that were previously out of reach for aircraft in its class. We are proud of what we have achieved together – and invite you to write the next chapter with us.



Production, Quality and Logistics

Airbus is a leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a worldwide scale– thanks to its skilled technicians, aircraft mechanics, production and quality control experts.

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Take your expertise further. Achieve more. Be proud of what you do.

We connect people and places and allow operators to match the right aircraft size to demand covering the entire market, from low-to-high-density routes to longer-range thin routes.

In a world longing for connection, the A320 Family is needed more than ever. This is why we are set for growth. We invite you to write its next chapter with us. Let’s move the world.

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Engineering and Information Management

Airbus is constantly pioneering progress in aviation. Join us as an engineer or IT expert to create technology that takes the A320 Family into the future.

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When it comes to employee benefits, Airbus provides a full package to ensure your wellbeing at work as well in your personal life. What matters to you, is important to us.


A Unique Experience

At Airbus, you work with state-of-the-art technology and are part of a journey that brings iconic products to life.


Appreciative Atmosphere

Respectful atmosphere & engaging workplace , where the expertise and dedication of all colleagues is valued.


A Diverse Workplace 

As a global company, we value the diversity of our workforce and collaborate across borders.


Company Pension Scheme

Airbus helps you do the best job – and supports you in building financial security for your retirement.


Employee Discounts

Depending on their location, employees benefit from a variety of special offers, from restaurants and travel to entertainment and retail.


Job Training Upskilling

We value your expertise – and care for your professional growth. That’s why we invest in your development on and off the job.


International Mobility

Airbus Commercial Aircraft encompasses more than 20 industrial sites in 10 countries.


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Facts and Figures


We make it happen! Join the A320 Family and be part of the success!


60% market share!

Over 16,000 A320 Family orders from 300+ customers. Over 10000 aircraft delivered. The A320 Family is the world’s most popular single-aisle aircraft family and the preferred choice with airlines, from the low cost carriers for which it is now the aircraft of choice, to new business models taking benefits of new levels of performance and comfort.


15 million tons CO2 savings since the A320neo EIS

-50% noise footprint,20 % lower fuel burn and CO2 emissions. And now with a Sustainable Aviation Fuel option. Airbus is committed up to 100% SAF and intends to have this capability for the A320neo by 2030.


The A320 Family : a digital aircraft family

With Fly-by-wire flight controls and Skywise fleet performance solution, the A320 comes equipped with latest generation engines, new technologies and design. And is now equipped with the Airspace cabin.

Charles-Alexis, High Lift System Engineer for A220 at Airbus Mirabel.

Charles-Alexis, High Lift System Engineer for A220 Family Aircrafts

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At Airbus, you’re part of a team of dedicated experts from different fields, all working together to achieve a common goal: build the world’s best aircraft. 

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