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Looking for a job that combines innovation and precision? Come and work in the Airbus Manufacturing & Quality team, where professionals are the artisans behind our cutting-edge solutions.

Elevating the standards of aerospace production, our experts are at the forefront of the industrial system, ensuring that our products and services meet the highest standards, with an unwavering commitment to safety and quality.

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Our Manufacturing & Quality professionals work diligently to enhance our offerings and instil trust in the world's most advanced technologies from aircraft, to helicopters and satellites.


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Coming from diverse backgrounds, our teams collaborate to tackle intricate challenges, produce innovative solutions and maintain impeccable standards. We aim for greatness!

Manufacturing and quality - careers

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We empower careers in Manufacturing & Quality through continuous learning, mentorship, and global collaboration. By pioneering aerospace, we are also collectively taking our skills forward.

Manufacturing & Quality professional

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You might wonder


We know that trying to achieve your career goals can raise many questions. So here are a few answers.

What are the job openings in Manufacturing & Quality?

Since they orchestrate the industrial flow of Airbus, our Manufacturing & Quality teams are structured into several activities ranging from planning, transportation, logistics and production, to manufacturing engineering, supply management, delivery, and many others. 

Browse our job board to find out what specific opportunities are currently available. For example, we regularly recruit aerospace components technicians, quality line inspectors and precision manufacturing specialists.

How can you apply for a job in Manufacturing & Quality at Airbus?

It's very simple. Just visit our job board to find your next career opportunity and apply online.  Any questions about our recruitment process? We have put together some useful information and tips to help you through these exciting stages.

What are the career opportunities worldwide at Airbus?

As a global leader in aerospace, Airbus has over 180 locations worldwide and 29 production sites on every continent. So there are plenty of opportunities for an international career! By joining our Manufacturing & Quality team, you will have the opportunity to work with international experts and push the boundaries of our industry. 

Why work in Manufacturing & Quality at Airbus?

Joining our Manufacturing & Quality professionals, you will benefit from all the opportunities that a global company like Airbus has to offer. Beyond contributing to groundbreaking projects that raise the standards of our industry, you will be able to thrive in an inclusive workspace where everyone is valued and encouraged to be themselves. 

Discover the rewards and benefits (competitive salaries, healthcare insurance, work-life balance…) we provide our employees and get a better understanding of what you can expect from working with us.