Airbus offers a full range of target systems providing realistic and cost-effective training for ground-based and naval Air Defence and Air-to-Air Combat, encompassing towed aerial targets, direct aerial targets and surface targets.

With the expertise of more than 50 years of service for Armed Forces worldwide – involving over 2,700 missions performed and 1,700+ direct targets deployed – Airbus has developed a set of proven support services that are tailorable to customers’ specific needs.

With its full-service solution, Airbus Defence and Space provides Target missions – delivered by Airbus personnel with AIRBUS hardware, equipment and target drones. The service covers the main pillars of training

  • The unmanned expendable airborne platform
  • The capabilities of platform with the payload
  • The scenarios with the realistic threat replication ranging from single- to multi-platform missions based on the planning together with the customer.

This allows customers to focus entirely on their training.

The Target Systems & Services offering allows customers to replicate the most challenging Air Defence scenarios – including air strikes, asymmetric threats, missile engagements, fighter a/c and split target scenarios. Naval Surface Targets are complementing the portfolio e.g. replicating Fast Incoming Attack Crafts (FIAC).

Top-to-bottom solutions


Airbus’ product line of fixed-wing aerial targets has grown to encompass four different models, which are deployed from mobile pneumatic catapult launchers and can simulate the complete engagement process – from detection and classification to engagement decision and action.

These platforms and the service provided by the AIRBUS personnel are certified operations by various airworthiness agencies.

Fixed-wing systems




The Do-DT25 is a medium-speed multi-purpose aerial target that provides short-range infrared missile systems with an excellent target to both track and engage.for all Air Defence Scenarios.

The long list of operational payload adopts the platform to your requirements.

To represent attack aircraft carrying a standoff ground attack weapon system, the Do-DT25 can be configured to carry and deploy a Do-DT55 sub-target, simulating an air-launched cruise missile.



The Do-DT35 is designed to simulate a medium- to high-flying aerial target. It simulates a hostile aircraft that is attempting to penetrate defended airspace and is used as a training aid for missile systems such as the Patriot, Hawk and Rapier.




The Do-DT45 is an all-purpose drone used to represent high-speed targets in each and every scenario.

With its low-level flight capability, the DT45 can play the role of a sea-skimming missile for naval forces.


The Do-DT55 is a remotely controlled high-speed aerial target drone, designed to provide simulated air launched threats for surface-to-air, air-to-air and ship-to-air missile training and evaluation. 


All Aerial Target platforms can be equipped with

  • Wide range of augmentation payload (for IR, radar, laser and visual)
  • Specific operational payloads adding capabilities like

                  o   EW Countermeasures (Flares and Chaffs),

                  o   EW Jamming,

                  o   active radar emitter (airborne radar simulation),

                  o   Low Level Kit for flights below 30ft,

                  o   IFF, and

                  o   Scoring/miss-distance indication (MDI) system detecting tactical hits

The DT family covers speed ranges from 200kts – 460kts (100 m/s – 230m/s)


Additional platforms

Airbus’ portfolio extends past fixed-wing aerial targets to include unmanned naval surface vehicles, specifically designed to simulate FIAC in a swarm.

In addition the MERLIN replicates high-speed naval tactics and is capable of towing secondary targets such as the High Speed Inflatable Towed Target (HSITT) or a catamaran platform which can be equipped with payloads for different scenarios.

The latest addition to Airbus’ product line of target systems – the Do-HT05 helicopter target – is based on a subscale classic helicopter design, with the ability to simulate combat scenarios. It is equipped with the same payload options as the fixed wing targets.


Rounding out the line-up, AirbusAIRBUS’ Do-SK6 is a towed target particularly suited to low cost gunnery and short-range air defence training, compatible with multiple types of host aircraft.

Unmanned Airborne Test Platform

The DT drone family also offers the capability of an unmanned test platform. Based on the full technical responsibility for the system and payload capacity, a save, flexible and cost effective option for flight testing is made available.

This also was shown recently when having the Do-DT25 as part of the AIRBUS Defence and Space FCAS MUM-T Demonstrations.


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