Asia-Pacific region

The Asia-Pacific region is a core market for Airbus and its divisions, with the company enjoying success in every area of its business. Today, the region accounts for a third of the European manufacturer’s total order book and a third of its revenues.


Brunei is an important customer for Airbus, with the company’s commercial aircraft and helicopters operating with customers in the country.

Airbus Helicopters showcases best-selling rotorcraft at China Helicopter Expo 2015 in Tianjin


After establishing its official presence in 1994, Airbus has rapidly grown the company’s Chinese operations – which include the Tianjin final assembly line for A320 Family aircraft.

The first A320neo jetliner delivered to IndiGo


Airbus has a key presence in India, boosting the country’s civil aviation sector and supporting the modernisation of its armed forces.


Airbus and Indonesia have maintained an enduring relationship for more than 40 years and Airbus has become a leading supplier of commercial airliners, helicopters and defence products and services to the country.

A350 XWB With Mount Fuji


With a growing presence in every sector of the market and an increasingly strong industrial footprint, Airbus’ belief in Japan as a strategically vital country in the Asia-Pacific region is clear to see.



Airbus and Malaysia have been strategic partners for more than 40 years, dating back to Malaysia Airlines’ order of the original A300B4 wide-body jetliner.

Pacific region

Airbus has partnered with the Pacific region for more than 40 years and has customers in Australia and New Zealand as well as the South Pacific islands such as Papua New Guinea, Fiji, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia.


Airbus and the Philippines have a long-standing relationship, going back some 40 years to when Philippine Airlines ordered the cornerstone A300B4 wide-body jetliner.

satellite KazEOSat Singapore


Airbus and the Republic of Singapore have been strategic partners since 1975, when the company established its local liaison office.


South Korea

Airbus and South Korea have been strategic partners for more than 40 years, from the time when Korean Air became the first non-European carrier to order the original A300B4 jetliner.

A350 XWB Asia tour Bangkok


The partnership between Airbus and Thailand began more than 40 years ago, and the country has become an important customer for the company in the region.

A350-1000 Demonstration Tour, Middle East, Asia Pacific - Hanoi


The Airbus relationship with Vietnam began more than 30 years ago in 1986, when the first Puma helicopter entered into service in the country.

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