Momentum is building behind sustainable aerospace. Decarbonisation will require deep collaboration, and the engagement of a whole industry beyond commercial aircraft - including space and helicopters.

The Airbus Summit, was held on 21-22 September 2021, bringing together renowned aerospace experts, operators, thinkers, journalists, influencers, and policy makers worldwide. This industry-wide conversation explored the innovations and cross-sector partnerships that will change the way we travel forever. 

The overarching theme throughout the Summit was sustainability and decarbonisation; and more specifically how Airbus and the industry will come together to implement the necessary mix of solutions for a credible journey towards net zero. 

Best of Airbus Summit 2021

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Airbus Summit 2021 Proceedings

As a record of the event in September 2021, the rich, varied discussions have been summarized in a booklet format. It presents each debate and panel including the speakers and the topics that were addressed.  

Replays of the Airbus Summit 2021

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Airbus Summit 2021 Agenda

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 The technology challenge
The technology challenge
Decarbonisation starts now and the journey to 2035 | 21-22 September 2021 | #AirbusSummit
The future is electric
eVTOL & electrification strategy at Airbus | 21 September 2021 | #AirbusSummit
Airbus Summit moments sans titre_Airline.jpg
The road to net-zero
Perspective from airlines | 21-22 September 2021 | #AirbusSummit
Airbus summit 2021 Day-1 Static Display
Static display
Airbus' products and innovations | 21 September 2021 16.30 - 18.00 CEST | #AirbusSummit
Airbus Summit moments_pano_Space.jpg
Space insights for climate action
22 September 2021 | #AirbusSummit
Making net-zero carbon aviation a reality
Making net-zero carbon aviation a reality
A collective challenge | 22 September 2021 | #AirbusSummit
Preparing for tomorrow
Preparing for tomorrow
People and skills we will need | 22 September 2021 | #AirbusSummit



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First in-flight 100% sustainable-fuels emissions study of passenger jet shows early promise
The ECLIF3 study, involving Airbus, Rolls-Royce, German research centre DLR and SAF producer Neste, marks the first time 100% SAF has been measured simultaneously on both engines of a commercial passenger aircraft – an Airbus A350 aircraft powered by Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines.
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The aerial dance of DLR’s Falcon 20E and #A350 operating on 100% SAF
This chase aircraft is tracking 100% SAF’s emissions performance
The latest test flight of an A350 operating on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) has mobilised DLR’s Falcon 20E to capture and analyse in-flight data. Flying within 100 metres during the test campaign, the two aircraft are already delivering invaluable insight, the preliminary observations of which point to the positive impact of SAF on aircraft emissions.
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Thales and Diehl join Airbus to develop flight control computers for CityAirbus NextGen
Airbus has signed a trilateral agreement with Thales and Diehl Aerospace for the joint development of the flight control computers of CityAirbus NextGen.
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