Airbus sites in Germany are always looking for new interns because they bring in different skills and languages. Our internship roles are located at our German sites.

Interning at our German sites is an amazing experience that holds many rewards for those who dust off their resumes (or CVs) and dive into all the opportunities Airbus has to offer.

You’ll thrive in an exciting learning environment – everyone at Airbus will be there to support you and help you grow professionally. Always remember that your development benefits everyone. Find an opportunity that fits your skills and abilities to start your adventure. 


Open positions

Good to Know

  • To qualify for an internship position in Germany, you must be enrolled in university.
  • We recommend you apply four to six months in advance to give us adequate time to process your application. Sometimes, a few internships are open at short notice as well.
  • If you are undertaking the internship on a voluntary basis, i.e. not as a compulsory requirement of a study program, the maximum duration is three months.
Azubigruppe workshop group meeting