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Are you interested in aerospace? Do you want your apprenticeship to be exciting and varied? Then you are in the right place with us! 

By joining Airbus, you will be playing your part in the success of the number 1 in European aerospace. Just so you know, nobody in Europe builds more airplanes than we do. We are also world leaders in the construction of civil helicopters and have innovative satellites orbiting the earth. Or to put it another way: with us, you will have many opportunities to grow and build your career.

Our global challenge is to pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world. And for that, we need motivated people like you. 

From the 1st of July 2024 we will start the recruiting process for 2025.

What’s in it for you?

Special benefits

Salary & Hours

Look forward to attractive compensation (based on the IG Metall collective agreement, around 1100€ gross) and flexible working hours (35h).

Worldwide opportunities

Take part in exciting practical assignments abroad. The Airbus Apprentice Mobility Scheme (M4AA) allows you to broaden your horizons by taking on challenges with fellow AIRzubis.

Grow your skills

Learn in an innovative, high-tech environment with future prospects.

Life at Airbus

Take advantage of a friendly working environment and many activities, sports and leisure events organised for AIRzubis.

Choose your squad

Our range of courses

Technical training

Are you keen on technology? Do you like to craft and build? Excellent! Our technical training programmes are the best way to develop your skills, from production to maintenance and servicing.

Interns in Germany

IT training

Passionate about computing and data processing? Join our IT team and become a specialist for complex hardware and software systems! Many opportunities await you in this essential department at Airbus.

Apprentice in Germany

Business training

Would you like to plan exciting projects? Good at dealing with people? Then business training is just right for you! Here you will gain solid business skills, while living your passion for aerospace.

Apprentice - Business training

Explore our 15 training sites across Germany

Our locations


- Company/Division: Premium AEROTEC
- Number of employees: 3000
- Number of AIRzubis: 130

With its over 100-year history, the Augsburg location is one of the pioneering locations in German aircraft construction. Premium AEROTEC focuses on the production and assembly of fuselage parts and heavy-duty structural components for civil and military programs. The location plays a leading global role in the field of CFRP technologies.

Equipped with one of the most modern machine parks in Europe, our Varel location produces complex components for all models of the Airbus family, the A400M military transporter and the Eurofighter. The site is also a pioneer in 3D printing and is responsible for assembling the A350 XWB’s door and gate frames. 

For any questions about apprenticeship and dual study programmes, contact us.


- Company/Division: TESAT
- Number of employees: approx. 1,000
- Number of AIRzubis: approx. 30

Backnang is home to TESAT, an independent subsidiary of Airbus. Around 1,000 employees develop, manufacture, integrate and test satellite communications systems and equipment on our 60,000 m² site. To put this in perspective, more than half of all telecommunications satellites in orbit are equipped with TESAT devices.

For any questions about apprenticeship and dual study programmes, contact us.


- Company/Division: Airbus Commercial Aircraft, Airbus Defence and Space, Testia, ArianeGroup
- Number of employees: approx. 4,500
- Number of AIRzubis: approx. 300

Bremen is Germany's second-largest aerospace site,  develops and produces lift systems and landing flaps and wing equipment for all aircraft. The site serves as a global hub for the repair of damaged components, and is home to Airbus' materials development and testing centre. 

For any questions about apprenticeship and dual study programmes, contact us.


- Company/Division: Airbus Commercial, KID-Systeme GmbH
- Number of employees: approx. 400
- Number of AIRzubis: approx. 35

A Buxtehude heart beats in every Airbus cabin. With products such as the CIDS (Cabin Intercommunication Data System), SKYpower and UVSS (Universal Video Surveillance System), Airbus Buxtehude and KID-Systeme GmbH supply electronic systems that make the cabin tangible for passengers and crew. In this way, we make a significant impact! 

For any questions about apprenticeship and dual study programmes, contact us.


Company/Division: Airbus Helicopters
Number of employees: approx. 6,500
Number of AIRzubis: approx. 200

From Research & Development to production, assembly and maintenance, Donauwörth faces big industry challenges. Around 6,500 employees work there on helicopter and aircraft carrier production, making us the world's largest manufacturer of aircraft carriers

The site also houses a competence centre for carbon fibre composite materials, a training academy and a military support centre.

For any questions about apprenticeship and dual study programmes, contact us.

Friedrichshafen / Ulm

- Company/Division: Airbus Defence and Space
- Number of employees: approx. 2,150
- Number of AIRzubis: approx. 100

For over 60 years, the Friedrichshafen site has been the hub for the development and construction of satellites, space components, earth observation and meteorology, as well as experimental facilities for weightlessness research. 

In Ulm, Airbus teams are working together to develop cutting-edge solutions and stabilising global security. With tailor-made solutions, they support customers not only in the field of security or defence, but also transport, utilities and industry.


- Company/Division: Airbus Commercial
- Number of employees: approx. 14,000
- Number of trainees: approx. 850

Hamburg, one of the world's largest civil aviation locations - alongside Toulouse - is the headquarters of Airbus Commercial in Germany. The site plays a key role in the development and manufacturing of all Airbus aircraft. We are also proud to work on future concepts, such as ZEROe for hydrogen-powered aircraft.

For any questions about apprenticeship and dual study programmes, contact us.

Lampoldshausen / Trauen

- Company/Division: ArianeGroup GmbH
- Number of employees: approx. 260
- Number of AIRzubis: approx. 3

The Lampoldshausen site is Europe’s competence centre for the development and production of propulsion systems, dedicated to satellites and orbital platforms. It manufactures chemical and electrical engines, from high-precision components to fully pre-integrated drive subsystems. In parallel to its test bench for small engines, the site also includes a high-vacuum chamber for testing electric motors.

Trauen is one of the largest Airbus sites in terms of surface area. Its location close to Bundeswehr training centres provides an ideal testing ground. For +30 years, it has been producing the RESUS underwater rescue system and supplying satellite fuel. It also hosts diverse expertises and services, such as a mechanical workshop (for precision mechanics learning).

For any questions, contact us.


- Company/Division: Airbus Defence and Space
- Number of employees: approx. 5,500
- Number of AIRzubis: approx. 200

Bringing together experts of more than 40 nationalities, our Manching site is Airbus Defence and Space's largest location. The variety of activities we carry out on site reflects the great diversity. Our scope of services ranges from administration to business, through management, development, system integration, logistics, procurement, marketing and sales.

Any questions about apprenticeship and dual study programmes at our location, contact us.

Munich / Ottobrunn

- Company/Division: Airbus Defence and Space
- Number of employees: approx. 3,000
- Number of AIRzubis: approx. 100

Since 2019, Airbus has been operating a new type of Industry 4.0 solar panel production from Ottobrunn, designed to provide solar power for satellites. The site also develops and manufactures optical space instruments for earth observation, alongside its activities in cyber security. 

For any questions about apprenticeship and dual study programmes, contact us.


- Company/Division: Airbus Aerostructures GmbH
- Number of employees: approx. 2,500
- Number of AIRzubis: approx. 150

This location is one of the world’s most modern production facilities in the field of integrated shell production. It focuses on profile production, stretch forming of large-area metal structures, metal bonding and carbon fibre components. Every year, Airbus Aerostructures GmbH produces around 5,000 fuselage shells, with highly innovative manufacturing technologies. 

For any questions about apprenticeship and dual study programmes, contact us.


- Company/Division: Airbus Aerostructures GmbH
- Number of employees: approx. 1,800
- Number of AIRzubis: approx. 130

The Stade location is one of the world's leading competence centres for carbon fibre composite materials (CFRP). This material has excellent mechanical properties in relation to its low weight, making it ideal for aircraft construction. At Stade, we use CFRP to produce vertical stabilisers for all Airbus airliners, as well as wing and fuselage components.

For any questions about apprenticeship and dual study programmes, contact us.

You might wonder


From how to apply to what to expect, we answer all your questions about Airbus apprenticeships in Germany.

Find your apprenticeship

What kind of apprenticeships does Airbus offer in Germany?

Whether it's technical, business or IT, at Airbus you can choose from a wide range of apprenticeships with a promising future. We offer a variety of training courses, such as process mechanic, mechatronics technician, aeronautical electronics technician, office management clerk and much more. 

Look at our job board to find the perfect match with your ambitions !

Where will I complete my training at Airbus?

Depending on your chosen career and location, you will complete your training at Airbus Commercial, Airbus Defense and Space, Airbus Helicopters or at one of our subsidiaries. 

How is apprenticeship structured at Airbus?

Your training will last 2.5 to 3.5 years, depending on your chosen profession. Expect diverse practical phases, allowing you to familiarise yourself with Airbus processes while assuming early responsibilities. Concurrently, you will receive theoretical instruction at vocational school. 

After an engaging introductory week alongside your new AIRzubi colleagues, you will spend the first year learning the fundamentals of your expertise and gain valuable practical experience. Then, in the 2nd and 3rd years, you will work into various specialist areas, preparing you for your future responsibilities.

What career opportunities are there after my training?

As an innovative company in a future industry, we are working on new technologies that will revolutionise aerospace. From eco-conscious engines to advanced satellite images and cutting edge products, we are constantly working to make the industry better. Our employees also benefit from this, because progressive companies like us offer you training with very good prospects for the future.

You will also work on our innovation and sustainability projects during your training or dual studies. You not only see our innovations from a distance, but you are also closely involved in their creation.

How can I apply to an apprenticeship at Airbus?

Find and apply to apprenticeship opportunities directly from our job platform !

Depending on your location, you can apply for training or a dual study program at Airbus approximately one year in advance from July 1st.