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Duale Informatik Studiengänge
Dual student

From your first day, to your first job

A structured programme

Our Dual Study programme opens up a world of diverse career opportunities, tailored to your individual path. 

The program is rich and engaging from day one, starting with an introductory week alongside your fellow AIRzubi colleagues, emphasising our commitment to teamwork. 

During your training, you will gain practical experience, offering direct insight into your future field of work. Meanwhile, you will acquire theoretical knowledge through lectures at selected universities and colleges.

What’s in it for you?

Dual Study benefits

Discover degree programmes in technology, IT and business, lasting from 2 to 5 years, depending on the specialisation.

Key qualifications

Get both practical experience and a degree in your pocket, by completing a training-integrated course of study. 

From bachelor to master

Some programmes offer a following master's degree, allowing you to apply for both. For bachelor's degree holders, we provide dual master's options, especially suited for IT profile

Financial remuneration

Look forward to ongoing compensation (based on the IG Metall collective agreement, around 1100€ gross) and enjoy financial security while continuing your study.

Great career perspectives

Airbus has a high interest in retaining talents after their apprenticeship and Dual Study programme. Various exciting departments are waiting for you to enrich their teams!

Airbus students

Make the most of theory and practice

Looking for an unique opportunity to develop your skills? The Airbus Dual Study programme across many locations in Germany sounds just right for you! 

Whether you fancy working in technology, IT or business, our Dual Study programmes combine exciting day-to-day work in a world-famous aerospace company with a respected course of study.

Discover our various training offers and their many advantages, from work experience and key qualifications to professional network.

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Our range of courses

Looking for a career in technology, IT or business? Check out what our range of dual studies has to offer.

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Technology Dual Study programmes

Our range of courses in technology takes into account the latest developments and research topics in the aerospace industry.

Safety and sustainability are among our top topics and determine our daily thoughts and actions. As part of your dual study program, you will deal with diverse subjects - from research and development to construction and optimization: you will be prepared for exciting tasks!

You usually complete your dual studies in the field of technology with a Bachelor or Master of Engineering (d/m/f). If integrated into your training, an IHK qualification is also attainable.

IT Dual Study programmes

From applied computer science to computer engineering, to business information technology and IT security, there is a Dual Study programme at Airbus for almost all IT enthusiasts.

This course will give you excellent qualifications for a wide range of tasks in computer science and other production-related departments. For example, you will develop software for business processes and work on the digitalization of Airbus

Join us and get the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of information technology in an international company!

Business Dual Study programmes

From planning production to developing new procurement strategies, the tasks awaiting you on a business Dual Study program are very diverse! 

Depending on your interests, you will have the chance to actively shape the course of your program (focusing on human resources, procurement, finance, controlling, logistics) or why not join a partner university abroad (England, France, Spain, China, Canada, USA). 

As well as theory, you will be involved in day-to-day Airbus activities such as purchasing and engineering, quality or production. The perfect way to kickstart your career in economics!

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What to expect after graduation?

Jobs for the future

As a pioneering leader in the aerospace industry, we are constantly working on innovations like sustainable engines, advanced satellite imagery, or rigorous product design. Driven by our vision of progress, our employees enjoy promising career prospects

During your dual study at Airbus, you won't only observe those technologies from a distance, you will be actively involved in their creation, contributing to a brighter future for both yourself and the industry. 

Ready to join us for a Dual Study?

Tips: if you want to apply for multiple positions, start applying to your absolute favourite at the location you prioritise, as we process multiple applications chronologically.

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