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Airbus encourages talents starting their career to explore opportunities outside their comfort zone and to grow both personally and professionally. 

Pursue your dream to jumpstart your career with an international professional experience or your dream to earn a PHD in engineering with Airbus VIE & PHDs opportunities. 

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Airbus VIE Programme

Working worldwide

What’s in it for you?

The Volunteer for International Experience (VIE) scheme allows young Europeans under 28 years old to gain valuable, paid work experience internationally, by working abroad for up to two years.

Students worldwide

How does the VIE scheme work?

The VIE scheme is run by Business France, the French Trade Commission. It provides worldwide opportunities in technical, support or business functions.

Pursue your dream job abroad!

VIE & PhDs Students

Who is eligible?

VIE is open to anyone who :
- is between 18 and 28 years old,
- is native from the European Economic Area (EEA),
- is a student, a graduate or a job seeker.

VIE & PhDs Students
VIE & PhDs Students

Pursuing excellence with Airbus PhDs programme

Earning a PhD in aerospace engineering at Airbus puts you in an elite category of qualified candidates, and gives you the tools, facilities and support to lead independent research and advance your professional capabilities into the technology and the science of aircraft and spacecraft.

Good to Know
You can apply for the PhD in aerospace engineering with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, with the bachelor’s degree requiring a longer course of study to completion of the PhD degree.

Reasons to apply

Jumpstarting your career

Be your own boss

You get to choose your own topic of research and decide the direction you take with it, bringing all your skills and knowledge to the business world.

Pioneer innovation with us

Explore a field of study you find fascinating and become an expert in your particular niche by leading your PhD project within Airbus. 

Paid & international opportunities

Most of our PhD students are considered as employees for the duration of the research. We also offer many PhD opportunities abroad, for you to pursue excellence without limitations