Fleet renewal can help reduce aviation’s environmental impact as latest generation aircraft are quieter and more fuel efficient than their predecessors.

Designing quieter and more fuel-efficient aircraft


Our latest generation aircraft are lighter, quieter and more efficient by design. In adopting an end-to-end approach to design, we gain insights from our in-service data that we can then feed into future aircraft design. Through this process, we are continuously innovating, improving circularity and reducing waste. 


Our latest-generation aircraft

A350 route proving Sydney


Made from 53% lightweight composite material, the A350 emits 25% fewer CO2 emissions than the previous generation aircraft.


This versatile and efficient aircraft emits 14% fewer CO2 emissions than its predecessor. Its NOx emissions are 27% below the industry standard.

A220 on Ground


The most efficient aircraft in its class, emitting 25% less CO2 than the previous generation, the A220 also has the lowest noise levels of any commercial jet in production.

A320neo Family

This latest addition to the A320 Family offers 20% fuel-burn and CO2 savings compared to previous generation single-aisle aircraft, as well as a 50% noise footprint reduction.