With over 25 years of expertise in the battery industry, Airbus stands as a key actor in the space domain. As the prime contractor for spacecraft, Airbus has an in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies employed in space batteries. Explore our legacy of excellence in space battery solutions. 


A batteries product line for LEO Constellations

STELLAR-BATT is a Space Equipment product line specifically developed to address Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations. This innovative product line comprises two distinct modules, which can be utilized either independently or in series/parallel configurations.


To meet the evolving demands of the space industry and revolutionize the battery market, the STELLAR-BATT module incorporates EEE automotive Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components and COTS Lithium-ion cells. These components have undergone rigorous qualification by Airbus for space applications and boast a proven flight heritage.


STELLAR-BATT battery modules
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STELLAR-BATT S battery module


STELLAR-BATT S is a Low-Power  battery offering around 1700 Wh, designed for an external mounting configuration, thermally insulated from the spacecraft. The module embeds its own radiator.

STELLAR-BATT L battery module


STELLAR-BATT L is a High-Power  battery offering from 900 to 3600 Wh. Unit thermal management is ensured by a direct contact between unit baseplate and spacecraft panel.

A strong flight heritage


STELLAR-BATT benefits from a strong flight heritage, as this product was used in the frame of the OneWeb satellites Constellation, with more than 630 satellites in orbits since the first launch in February 2019.

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