On the 13, 14 and 15 of October 2022, A380 parts will be put up for auction by Airbus for the benefit of the Airbus Foundation and the AIRitage association. Some of these parts, such as blades, have been entrusted to artists who have turned them into works of art. 


Airbus has invited artists to claim one or more of the A380 parts that will be auctioned in October. An industrial part can sometimes resemble a work of art: design, materials, complexity often make them elements with unique characteristics. But industrial objects can also meet artistic creation in more surprising ways. Airbus has decided to entrust certain A380 parts selected for the auction to artists specialising in street art. 


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We have chosen to give carte blanche to Kellymiti, Méro, Miadana Randriamorasata, Sabha, O'Rabbit (Lapin), Spot and Xerou, artists with varied profiles, who share certain experiences, themes and aspirations. In particular, Toulouse, travel and freedom, technology and finally commitment and human experience. All these elements are perfectly associated with the emblematic A380.

Sophie de Lacroix, who is in charge of organising the auction for Airbus.


The auction of A380 components is already unique, and these pieces, which have become works of art thanks to artists’ inspiration, are all the more exclusive and desirable. They will undoubtedly be one of the main attractions of this auction.



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A very special A380 auction

13, 14 & 15 October 2022 | Toulouse, FRANCE and live online