This Singapore-based facility adds its third ground-based A350 XWB simulator

The Airbus Asia Training Centre (AATC) in Singapore has marked the inauguration of this facility’s third A350 XWB Full-Flight Simulator – making it home to the largest number of simulators worldwide for Airbus’ next-generation widebody jetliner.

In addition, the new system further reinforces AATC’s position as the largest Airbus flight crew training centre on the globe, with eight simulators: three for the A350 XWB, two for Airbus’ A330, two more for its best-selling A320 Family, and one for the double-deck A380.

Training expertise

“The A350 XWB is the ideal platform to cover all Asian needs in the larger twin-aisle market, ranging from regional to the very longest non-stop services,” said Thierry Marty, General Manager of AATC. “The additional full-flight simulator for this aircraft type will meet the anticipated increase in demand during the coming years, and position Airbus as the leading flight training provider for the successful A350 XWB programme.”

To date, AATC has trained more than 600 A350 XWB flight crew members from 18 airlines in the Asia region, as well as from Europe and the Middle East. In the short period of two years since AATC began operations, a total of 56 airlines already have signed up for its comprehensive and customised training services across the Airbus jetliner product line.

Airbus Asia Training Centre’s new A350 XWB Full-Flight Simulator further consolidates the facility’s position as the largest Airbus flight crew training centre in the world