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Why pursue an internship with Airbus?

We are the allies of your academic success.

In addition to getting a recognisable company on your CV, you get to learn alongside valued experts, recognized in their fields of expertise. An internship at Airbus helps to shape a brilliant career.


Nationwide opportunities

We have opportunities on our main sites in Toulouse, Marseille, Elancourt, Paris le Bourget, and many other sites, within Commercial Aircraft, Helicopters and Defence & Space.

Airbus students

An internship tailored to your needs

We have opportunities from 1 to 6 months in Production, Engineering, IT, Cyber, Procurement and Finance to Strategy, Customer Support, Marketing and Sales.

Airbus students

Are you excited about interning at Airbus in France?

Airbus offers internship opportunities at different sites in France, each offering a unique experience:


Toulouse is the place where innovation takes off! Interns here work on a wide range of projects, from developing new aircraft models to implementing groundbreaking technologies.

Toulouse is home to Airbus' headquarters and is home to more than 35,000 employees working across many central functions such as finance, marketing, engineering, customer support programs and procurement. The Toulouse-Blagnac area has FAL (Final Assembly Line) for the entire range of Airbus commercial airliners (A320, A330, A350 and A380 families), as well as facilities for fitting out passenger cabins and painting pla


Interested in helicopters? Marignane offers interns the opportunity to immerse themselves in engineering applied to helicopters and other rotary sail aircraft. From design to maintenance, interns acquire valuable skills on these exciting devices at the heart of safety and personal assistance issues.

Marignane is home to the head office of Airbus Helicopters. It offers a large overview of the product range of civil, government, military, police and parapublic helicopters. Nearly 9,000 employees at the site are engaged in nearly every aspect of the helicopter industry.


Discover interns opportunities in the defence and space sectors near the French capital. 

Located in the south-west suburbs of Paris, the Elancourt site focuses on intelligence, secure and satellite communications, C4ISR, maritime and cyber security, as well as on-board space and defence electronics, all of which contribute to making Airbus the European leader in defence, space and security and the No. 1 defence supplier in France.

Paris Le Bourget

Around 650 people work on the Paris-Le Bourget site in Dugny (next to Le Bourget airport, near Paris), within this Center of Excellence specializing in the production of rotor blades and research on materials composites. Interns on site have the unique opportunity to have access to all services, thus being able to quickly acquire knowledge about the division's activities and projects.

Manufacturing some 3,000 blades per year and repairing almost half of them, the site is an essential link in the Airbus helicopter production chain, whose ambition is to become the world reference in blades.

A smooth application process

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Easy online application

Applications are open from September to December for 4 to 6-month placements. 
For summer placements of 4 to 8 weeks, applications open in January. You can apply directly online.

A short round of interviews

After your application assessment, you get to demonstrate your motivation during a video interview that will be reviewed by a recruiter. Then, you will have an interview with your future manager. 

Fostering diversity

We keep inclusion at heart and welcome interns from diverse backgrounds. If you are a French resident with a disability and need support, reach out to:


We gathered the most frequently asked questions about internships in France to help you apply.

Am I eligible for an internship programme in Airbus France?

You must be looking for an internship that lasts between 1 and 6 months, and be comfortable working in an international environment. 

In addition, you must be a French/EU citizen or have authorization to live and work in France with an appropriate Visa.

Finally, to qualify for an internship in France, you must be enrolled at a university that is willing to sign the French Airbus training agreement (i.e. Convention de Stage).

In what fields can I do an internship at Airbus?

Depending on your field of study, you can find an internship in Business Management and Development, Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, IT and Cyber, Manufacturing Engineering, Materials and Processes, Maths, Physics, Robotics and Supply Chain.

What benefits do interns in France get?

You can get financial compensation for your work depending on the duration of your internship. Bank holidays and days of leave are given, according to the length of your internship and the applicable law related to it.