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Join us as an intern in a vibrant environment. Collaborate with talented and inspired people who are as passionate about their job as they are determined in what they do!

You’ll thrive in an exciting learning environment – team Airbus will be there to support you and help you grow professionally. Always remember that your development benefits everyone. 

Find an opportunity that fits your skills and abilities to start your adventure. 

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Why pursue an internship with Airbus?

We are the allies of your academic success

In addition to getting a recognisable company on your CV, you get to learn alongside valued experts, recognized in their fields of expertise. An internship at Airbus helps to shape a brilliant career.


Nationwide opportunities

We have opportunities in Toulouse, Marignane, Elancourt, Paris Le Bourget, and many other sites in Commercial Aircraft, Helicopters, Defence & Space and Airbus Atlantic.

Airbus students

An internship tailored to your needs

We have opportunities from 1 to 6 months in Production, Engineering, IT, Cyber, Procurement and Finance to Strategy, Customer Support, Marketing and Sales.

Airbus students

A smooth application process

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Easy online application

Applications are open from September to March for an internship of between four to six months. You can apply directly online.

A short round of interviews

After your application assessment, you get to prove your motivation during a video interview reviewed by a recruiter. Then, you will have an interview with your future manager.

Our requirements

You will need functional IT equipment for the video interview.

You might wonder


We gathered the most frequently asked questions regarding internships in France to help you apply.

Find your internship

Who is eligible for an internship programme in Airbus France?

You must be looking for an internship that lasts between four and six months, and be comfortable working in an international environment. 

In addition, you must be a French/EU citizen or have authorization to live and work in France with an appropriate Visa.

Finally, to qualify for an internship in France, you must be enrolled at a university that is willing to sign the French Airbus training agreement (i.e. Convention de Stage).

In what fields can I do an internship at Airbus?

Depending on your field of study, you can find an internship in Business Management and Development, Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, IT and Cyber, Manufacturing Engineering, Materials and Processes, Maths, Physics, Robotics and Supply Chain.

What benefits do interns in France get?

You can get financial compensation for your work depending on the duration of your internship. Bank holidays and days of leave are given, according to the length of your internship and the applicable law related to it.