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Airbus internship programmes: what’s in it for you?

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By entering an Airbus internship/placement programme, you get the opportunity to consolidate your theoretical foundation through practical experience. We will help you develop your personality and capacity to handle challenging situations in the real business world. 

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How do I apply for an internship at Airbus?

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Easy online application

All applications must be submitted directly in our online job board. To make sure you don’t miss the application season, check your country internship programme page.

Make sure you fulfil all requirements

To qualify, you must be enrolled in a university and be looking for a placement that will last between three months and one year. Note that requirements differ by country.

Go through assessment sessions

Your application will be assessed by our recruiting team, and offer you an interview or assessment centre. If you’re successful, you’ll be offered the role soon after!

‘ACT for Academy’ (Airbus Competence Training) is a maintenance training software solution under the Airbus’ Training Services that aims to familiarise students with the latest Airbus aircraft technology and maintenance procedures, in a classroom environm

We offer a wide range of internship opportunities

At Airbus, we believe in the necessity to provide students with field experience to consolidate their academic skills. From Engineering to Human Resources, Supply Chain to Aerodynamics, and everything in between, we'll give you the tools and experience to launch your career. 

Either you spend three months or one year with us, you will definitely come out of this experience growing.

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We know that achieving your dream career comes along with many questions.

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Who is eligible for an internship programme at Airbus?

All students enrolled in a university and matching job requirement can apply to an internship at Airbus. Some countries might have specific requirements.

How do I apply to Airbus internship programmes?

To apply to one of our positions in the best conditions, we recommend that you read the internship programme page dedicated to your country. This is the best way to know the specific requirements and process of your country.

What jobs are open to interns?

By doing your internship in Airbus, you will discover a job in your field of study alongside experienced employees working in a wide range of disciplines. You can learn more about business management and development, engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, ICT and Cyber, manufacturing engineering, materials and processes, maths, physics, robotics or supply chain. We are sure you will find an opportunity tailored for you!

What are the benefits Airbus interns are eligible for?

Our interns benefit from bank holidays and paid annual leave subject to policy of the entity you are placed at. Regarding the duration of the internships and your country policy, you can also get financial compensation for your work.