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Graduates in Spain

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If you're a graduate with an outstanding academic record, a professional English level, a passion for aviation, and an interest in Airbus, you are the perfect fit for our Graduate Programmes in Spain.

Our Spanish Airbus sites consistently seek new interns, offering approximately 250 opportunities each year. Internship positions are available in Getafe, Sevilla, Illescas, Cádiz, and Albacete.

Interning at our Spanish sites is an incredible experience that enables you to develop in-demand skills for the job market. This internship at Airbus can serve as your initial exposure to a professional environment, closely aligned with your academic background. It's a chance to broaden your perspective and acquire specialised skills in a specific technical field

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Why pursue an internship within Airbus Spain?

Learn in an international environment

You will work alongside several nationalities, within a digital society fostering different interests and activities.

Graduates in Spain

Nationwide opportunities

We are a dynamic business with opportunities in Getafe, Seville, Illescas, Cádiz, and Albacete.

Graduates in Spain

Get great benefits for your hard work

Interns in Spain benefit from academic aids, a funded masters degree, access to transport to and from the sites (location depending), and a good work-life balance.

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Discover programme

The DISCOVER Programme

Join the future

DISCOVER the skills that are the most in demand and develop your professional career in the aeronautical sector. 

Through a full-time experience (40h/week), you will get the best training in new areas of knowledge (Data Analytics, Management and Soft Skills) essential to be able to develop as professionals of the future. 

You will spend 11 months developing your skills alongside people experts in their field, which is an amazing opportunity to learn and to complete your academic background.

Positions start in early March or October.

A smooth application process

Let’s get you on board

Easy online application

You can apply for different internship programme campaigns.

A short row of interviews

After your application assessment, you get to demonstrate your motivation during a video interview. You will get an answer shortly after this interview.

Our requirements for each programme

You can apply any time during your last year to the recruitment process as long as you have finished your graduate before the internship start date.

Graduates - Master in Spain

MASI - Master in Aircraft System Integration

Our MASI programme takes place in the University Carlos III in Madrid. During a full-time experience along the 11 months, it gives the intern knowledge about Fundamentals, Generalization and Experimentation of Aircraft’s Systems, for 90 ECTS credits. 

For this Master, Airbus is looking for Master students in Aeronautical/Aerospace, Industrial, Telecommunication, and Computer Engineering. The selection process takes place between May and July to start in September.

MAIR - Master in Airframe Technology

Join the future

Our MAIR programme takes place in the University Carlos III in Madrid. This full-time Graduate Programme gives knowledge to the interns about Advanced Design and Calculation of Aircraft Structures, for 60 ECTS credits

For this Programme, Airbus is looking for graduates in Aeronautical/Aerospace, Industrial, and Civil Engineering. The selection process takes place each year between January and March, to start in April.

Graduates - Master in Spain

MMCC - Master in Composites

Our MMCC graduate programme takes place in the University Politécnica in Madrid. This full-time experience gives student knowledge about Design, Manufacture and Certification of the Composite Structures, for 90 ECTS credits. 

For this Master, Airbus is looking for Master Students in Aeronautical/Aerospace, Industrial, Industrial Organization, and Telecommunication Engineering. The selection process happens each year between May and September to start in October.

Engineer woman in Spain working on plasma equipment

MAIO - Aeronautical Industrial Operations

Join the future

Our Global Supply Chain & Aeronautical Industrial Operations Programme takes place in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería in the University of Sevilla. You’ll learn about Materials, Manufacturing, Engineering Ops, Aerostructure Assembly, Production, Quality & Supply Chain for 80 ECTS credits. Airbus is looking for Master Students in Aeronautical/Aerospace, Industrial, Telecommunication, Naval, Roads, Canals, Ports, Civil Engineering.

Apply between May and September to start in October.

You might wonder


We gathered the most frequently asked questions regarding internships in Spain to help you apply.

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Who is eligible for an internship programme in Airbus Spain?

To qualify for an internship in Spain, the only requirement is to have finished an official graduate. 

In what fields can I do an internship at Airbus?

You can apply to internships in many disciplines, as long as it is closely related to your field of study. You can land a position in aerospace, technology, engineering, marketing, human resources, procurement, manufacturing, services…

What benefits do Spanish interns get?

Regarding the duration of your internship, you can get financial aid for your internship. Of course, you will benefit from bank holidays plus extra days following the Airbus site calendar for each year. You will also have access to free transport to and from the sites (depending on the site location) and good balance.