Solid state recorders

The Airbus solid-state recorder line is a series of products providing onboard data recording and playback capability for satellite and spacecraft platforms and payloads. Airbus Defence and Space has been supplying recorders based on solid-state technology for over 30 years.

NEMO-2: non-volatile extendable memory on-board

The NEMO-2 is a compact solid-state recorder that provides highend
mass memory storage and performance to a broad range of
missions. This product line is the result of over 30 years, where Airbus
Defence and Space has gained a strong flight heritage on solid-state
technologies. NEMO-2’s architecture is modular and scalable, based on qualified
building blocks packaged in slice form factor.



Mass memories and payload data processing

Compression recording ciphering:

An integrated COmpression Recording and CIphering (CORECI) solution for Earth observation satellites

  • Integrated image compressor, mass memory and data ciphering unit designed to process, store and format multi-spectral video instrument data for the satellite downlink.
  • The mass memory utilises high performance commercial flash components, ESA-qualified and up-screened for their use in space equipment
  • The first CORECI2 units have been successfully operating on the Pléiades Neo satellites
Compression recording ciphering

HPDP (High Performance Data Processor):

The High Performance Data Processor is a building block for very high reliability, radiation hard data processing. It is characterized by the ability to sustain a high data throughput combined with a high performance level and the flexibility to adapt target applications to emerging standards and improvements. The potential of the HPDP lies in the processing capability of high data volumes in the signal-processing domain, especially where flexibility and in-orbit re-programmability or reconfiguration is required.


PureLine Emerald:

The PureLine Emerald is a payload interface unit that offers the best of essential functionalities in our most compact and lightweight design ever.

PureLine Emerald: