Training and recurrent training are key elements of aviation safety. We look at how Airbus has implemented comprehensive training programmes across Latin America, equipping Airbus commercial aircraft and helicopter pilots and technicians with the tools needed to ensure flight safety throughout the region and across the globe.

Airbus Helicopters’ extensive training network

The ability of pilots and technicians to operate and maintain rotorcraft in diverse and challenging conditions is essential to ensuring flight safety. Recognising this, Airbus Helicopters has made training a cornerstone of its operational philosophy - and with a network of 20 training centres spanning the globe and 6300 trainees worldwide, it has proven its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety within the sector.

Providing operators across Latin America with vital training means

In Latin America, Airbus Helicopters has forged strong relationships with over 650 customers, a majority of whom operate fleets comprising fewer than three aircraft. This insight underscores the importance of proximity to support services for these customers. With operations dispersed across diverse regions and terrain, these operators rely heavily on prompt and accessible assistance to maintain operational efficiency and safety.

Airbus Helicopters has four training centres in Latin America, ensuring that training facilities are conveniently located near customers' operations. By providing localised training solutions, the business reaffirms its commitment to supporting customer' needs and enhancing the overall capabilities of helicopter operators in the region.

Airbus Helicopters Training Academy in Chile

Located in Santiago, the Airbus Helicopters Training Academy in Chile serves as a vital hub for training in the Southern Cone markets. Having trained over 1,000 pilots and technicians, this academy offers tailored courses designed to meet the specific requirements of customers operating in varied environments, from coastal regions to sub-Antarctic territories. The training programmes encompass missions such as public security, law enforcement, military operations, and business/VIP transport, reflecting the breadth of Airbus Helicopters' expertise.

Helicopter training center Chile

Airbus Helicopters Training Academy Helibras in Brazil

With locations in Itajubá-MG and Rio de Janeiro-RJ, the Airbus Helicopters Training Academy Helibras caters to the training needs of customers in Brazil and beyond. Whether it's theoretical instruction or hands-on practical training, the academy's comprehensive approach ensures that pilots and technicians are equipped with the skills necessary to execute missions safely and efficiently. Backed by a team of seasoned instructors and state-of-the-art facilities, including a full-flight simulator, the academy upholds the highest standards of training excellence, earning approval from Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide.

Airbus Helicopters Training Academy in Mexico

Located in Mexico City, the Airbus Helicopters Training Academy in Mexico has trained more than 4,000 pilots and technicians, offering type rating courses for a range of Airbus helicopters. The centre fulfils local regulations as well as demanding international standards to work hand-in-hand with customers in the safest conditions.

Heliescuela in Mexico

Heliescuela, a collaborative initiative between Airbus, the Escuela de Aviación México, and the Government of Yucatán, represents a beacon of training excellence in Mexico and Latin America. Established in 2008 and later relocated to the international airport of Mérida, Heliescuela offers a comprehensive ab-initio programme. With instructors with extensive industry experience, a fleet of helicopters and a flight training device (FTD), the school offers the highest standard of training to both local and international professionals.


Airlines in Latin America benefit from state-of-the-art facilites

Airbus has sold more than 1,200 aircraft, has a backlog of more than 500, and some 800 in service throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, representing 52% of the in-service fleet. Since 1994, Airbus has received approximately 75% of its net orders in the region.

To ensure proximity and efficient service to its customers in Latin America and the Caribbean, Airbus has established a global training network linked to its customers' operations in 18 locations around the world, in addition to two flight schools, of which three training centres are located in the region to provide local support to all operators. 

In 2016, Airbus inaugurated the Airbus Mexico Training Centre (AMTC) with two A320 Full Flight Simulators to train pilots and operators. Since then, the AMTC has trained more than 8,500 pilots, allowing Airbus operators to benefit from proximity to be more efficient.

In 2017, Airbus opened the Airbus Brazil Training Center (ABTC) at Azul's corporate university, offering training and courses on an A320 simulator. To date, more than 8,600 hours of training have been completed at the centre. 

In 2021, Airbus inaugurated the Airbus Chile Training Centre (ACTC) with an A320 Full Flight Simulator and SKY as launch customer. The 1,700 square metre facility provides training for Airbus operators in Chile and the Southern Cone. Since its inauguration, the ACTC has trained around 1,000 pilots from Chilean carriers LATAM Airlines, SKY and JetSMART, supporting the operation and ramp-up of A320 Family aircraft in their growing fleets. 

Airbus' Global Services Forecast for Latin America predicts that more than 30,000 pilots will need to be trained in the region over the next two decades.


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