Atlanta, 9 March 2023 – The German Federal Police (Bundespolizei) has signed a long-term HCare Classics support contract for 10 H120 helicopters. The fleet of H120 helicopters are used for training pilots at the Bundespolizei aviation school in St. Augustin. The support contract will secure the availability of H120 parts, as well as obsolescence management and technical support.

“Our pilot aviation school is the key pillar for pilot training, not only of future pilots of the Federal Police but also of Länderpolizei pilots. Thanks to the high availability and performance of our H120 training helicopters we can ensure a continuous training schedule which is critical for our entire training organisation,” said Matthias Achteresch, Head of Staff Division Administration & Police Technology, Bundespolizei. “The HCare Classics support contract will help us ensure that the fleet is performing at its peak while optimising costs and streamlining maintenance activities.”

“The H120 is a high-performing aircraft that is an ideal training platform for the German Federal Police. The Bundespolizei are yet another prime example of the over 700 operators who continue to fly helicopters from our legacy fleet,” says Laurent Vautherin, Senior Vice President Program Support at Airbus Helicopters. “We are honoured to support them in these activities, ensuring the high performance and reliability of their fleet.”

HCare Classics is Airbus’ recently-launched support package entirely dedicated to meeting the support needs of the company’s out-of-production legacy helicopters. Today there are more than 1,800 legacy Airbus helicopters in service with approximately 750 operators around the world. These out-of-production aircraft include the H120, Dauphin, Puma and Gazelle and account for 15% of the flight hours generated by the entire Airbus Helicopters fleet.

The German Federal Police flies its aircraft 365 days a year while performing a wide range of missions such as border protection, railway network control, maritime protection and disaster response, VIP transport and emergency medical services, among others.

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