Dallas, 8 March 2022 - Airbus Helicopters has unveiled a new support and services structure which replaces the company’s previous HCare offer. Operators will be matched to the best combination of services according to their profile and fleet make-up. 

Simplified to just three flexible solutions, HCare is now composed of HCare Initial, HCare In-service, or a combination of the two, HCare Lifetime. For each, customers can opt for one out of three levels of material management performance. Still available for specific fleets will be the HCare First package for Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) aircraft and HCare Classics for the out-of-production legacy fleet (H120, Dauphin, Puma and Gazelle).

“Each operator is unique with differing organisational structures, operating environments and constraints. They may be new or regular users of Airbus helicopters, high or moderate flyers, have small or large fleets, and perform single or multiple missions,” says Christoph Zammert, Executive Vice President of Customer Support & Services at Airbus Helicopters. “Our new customer-centric offer results from listening to our customers and reshaping our structure to be more flexible and adapted to their expectations, wherever they are in their own journey or their relationship with Airbus.”

HCare Initial is tailored for customers starting operations with a new Airbus helicopter or taking delivery of a new aircraft type in their fleet. It provides the best set of services for a successful entry into service.  HCare In-service is for customers already operating an Airbus helicopter type. Matching services to operators’ needs, it optimises the aircraft’s maintenance, health and usage, and longevity. HCare Lifetime is for operators opting for an end-to-end package and long-term collaboration with Airbus, from entry into service up to the aircraft’s end of life. This global support contract aims to maximise the aircraft’s performance and sustained value over time, while enhancing safety and providing successive, sustained support. Customers receive daily care and accompaniment at all steps of their operations. 

For the material management portion of each contract, customers select the commitment level. Guaranteed repair secures R&O Turn-Around-Times by contract to improve maintenance planning with flexible payment conditions. By-the-hour offers a smooth distribution of expenses and budget anticipation. By-event requires payment at the time of the repair or the overhaul. Part availability commits Airbus Helicopters on parts delivery lead times while giving the operator a precise view of the necessary maintenance budget; for current customers, it resembles the by-the-hour contracts many are familiar with covering scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events. The part availability solution is built upon fixed hourly rate payments to make maintenance expenses predictable. Fleet availability, the third level of commitment, augments part availabilitywith maintenance delegated to Airbus for optimal aircraft availability, based on fixed hourly and monthly rates.

Completing the offer is the option to order one-off services directly from the HCare Store, which covers Material Management, Helicopter Maintenance, Technical Support, Training & Flight Ops and Connected Services. It is available online on AirbusWorld. Learn more about the new HCare offer at https://www.airbus.com/en/products-services/helicopters/hcare-services.

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